New Blog Banner

Ok so earlier I said I was taking a break from the blog, and I still am, but I recently got the finished banner for my blog and it went live today so I wanted to post about it and the person who created it.

The super talented woman who created the banner is Anna Smith. You can find more of her art on her Facebook Page.

I found out about her through her mother, Carrie, who I met through a (most likely fake) Gerard Way blog many moons ago. Anna messaged me on facebook and I told her my vision of fashionable biscuits with makeup and jewellery. I knew what I saw in my head but I didn’t know if anyone else would get it. Anna TOTALLY got it and came up with exactly the image I had in my head for the banner. The pearls, bows, lipstick, and girly font…it’s perfection! She was great to work with because she listened to what I wanted, asked questions, and took critique/requests for changes with grace and professionalism. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a creative and awesome graphic designer!




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