A Few of My Favourite Things…Makeup Edition

Hello again! I’m trying to be better with this blog and post more and doing this favourite things stuff helps. Today I’m going to write about Makeup I have been lusting after.

Firstly the one thing that I am so upset I missed (because it’s sold out and was limited edition), is the Kat Von D Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette.


I am so sad that I didn’t have the money when this came out. This is so perfect because it’s a wonderful mix of matte and shimmery shades. I really want to get more into eye shadows and have been really looking for some palettes and this really was the one I should have just bought but ya know, I was broke lol.

Her Serpentina palette is really nice too as well as her Pastel Goth one but they still don’t come close to amazingness of Metal Matte.



Continuing with eye shadow palettes, let move on to the Urban Decay After Dark palette.


I am LIVING for this gorgeous palette. I think it’s so perfect for adding drama to any look. I also think it’s great for mixing and matching with a few basic colours in any of the Naked paletes. I know I really need a naked palette so I’m looking at the Naked Smoky Palette.


I think I could have a good mix of looks with one basic palette and one out there palette.

Other than their palettes, I’m also interested in getting their De-Slick makeup setting spray


Jeffree Star swears by Urban Decay setting sprays and I fully trust his opinion on makeup because he has tried EVERYTHING! There are different kinds but I have oily skin so the De-slick is my best bet.

Now speaking of Jeffree Star, he always has stuff that I want. He recently released a new liquid lip called No Tea, No Shade which is so gorgeous!


I would also like to get a few more highlighter options other than the Peach Goddess one I have. I’m really loving Lavender Snow and Princess Cut.

I’m also looking for a new eye brow pencil. I use MAC Veluxe Eye brow pencil but I don’t love it. It’s definitely not as pigmented or as natural looking as I’d like it to be. I’m not totally sure where to go with it…any recommendations out there?

AND I still totally need an extensive brush set. Just can’t get enough money together to get a really good set. Any suggestions?

It totally sucks that I can’t buy any of these makeup items anytime soon. My primer and blush have both run out so I need to buy those as soon as I get some extra funds. My foundation is also running out too 😦 Such is life.

And what’s a blog post without some of my recent outfits?! Click on each outfit for more details


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