Halloween Happenings

Ok so yes, I am EXTREMELY late with this post, but I have many reasons why I’m late. Too many to list but one is I’ve been lazy lol. In general I’ve been super lazy with this blog. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it other than just do clothing posts. I’m thinking of maybe doing book reviews, recipe posts and makeup reviews. But for this blog today, let’s stick to the clothes!

Last year I was bummed that I didn’t really have any Halloween outfits so I made it my mission to get at least 3 or 4 by the time Halloween came around again. A few things I had wanted last year went on sale after Halloween so I was able to snag them for cheap. A couple of other dresses I was able to get for a super cheap rate from a wholesaler back in August. Then, of course, there’s the Halloween brooches!!! So without further ado, here’s my week of Halloween outfits.

My first outfit for Halloween week was this GORGEOUS cat dress from Unique Vintage. It is currently on sale for $83 but only size XS is left. I’m also wearing a MAK cardigan in the colour Rust, shoes from Call It Spring, and some Onyx jewellery from Vivah Jewellery

This dress is very lovely and light weight and looked so gorgeous on. There are some cons though. First off, it does not have pockets. This was really disappointing because I am used to my skirts and dresses having pockets now. It also did not fit true to size. This is a size large, which is my size in everything these days, but it fit like a medium. It was tight in the arms and I wasn’t able to zip it up passed the waist. From my experience now, it seems that anything that is from Unique Vintage’s actual line, runs a full size smaller, so be aware for any future purchases.


Other than the dress, the other main focus here was the Catastrophic Fright brooch from Erstwilder. I think it is sold out almost everywhere but I did find it still available currently at Cherry Velvet.

20171023_061916 (1)

I almost missed out on this awesome brooch because when the Halloween collection came out, I only had money for 2 brooches. With this one being my third favourite, it was dropped in favour for 2 others. It also sold out almost everywhere really fast so I thought I would never get it at a later date. Crazily enough, when my brooch order came in, this one was in the package instead of another one I wanted! I was upset at first but then I remembered that I had some money in my paypal account from a recent sale and the other one I didn’t get was still available, so I was able to order it and end up with all 3 of my favourites! So I believe me having this brooch was meant to be 🙂 (funnily enough this also happened to me with another brooch earlier in the year too!)

As for makeup and hair, my hair was driving me nuts on one side so I tucked it behind my ear and stuffed some bobby pins in it lol. Turned out nice! As for makeup, Did my usual look of black eyeliner and lippie, nothing special. Here I am wearing Unicorn Blood Liquid Lip by Jeffree Star. It is the ultimate blood red colour and perfect for Halloween! I’ve actually changed up my makeup routine A LOT since I started this blog so I think I’ll be working on an update blog for that..


OK, on to outfit 2! I wore this fantastic dress from Retrolicious (no longer available). I bought it last year on sale a few months after Halloween. It has skeleton kitties, so of course I had to get it. It’s super cute and fits true to size. AND IT HAS POCKETS! I added a black MAK cardigan, which can be found at Modcloth, and this amazing teal nylon head scarf from Doll Me Up (still available!).

I decided, instead of a brooch, I wanted to wear my Clara The Cat Earrings from Erstwilder. They are no longer available in the purple that I have but this link takes you to the red ones, and there’s also new sparkly black ones!


This picture is stupid fuzzy so I apologize. I think I’m wearing Calabasas Liquid Lip by Jeffree Star.


For my third outfit, I wore a skirt that I desperately wanted last Halloween but couldn’t afford the price tag. I found it for half price a few months later and snagged it up! It’s the Unique Vintage Haunted Mansion Skirt and of course it’s no longer available. I’m also wearing a MAK cardigan and a basic black top from Modcloth. The belt was purchased from an online facebook store.

20171025_061559 (1)

The amazing brooch I wore is actually one of the first Erstwilder brooches I ever got! I got this amazing Bat Cat brooch last Christmas. The one in the link is the new version…unsure if it’s still available anywhere. It’s the cutest brooch and it’s the one that started my Brooch obsession.

20171025_061330 (1)

Makeup again was pretty basic. Wearing Masochist Liquid Lip by Jeffree Star.

20171025_061404 (1)

Only two outfits left to go! I’m pretty sure this ended up being my favourite Halloween outfit out of them all. This gorgeous pumpkin dress, again, is from Unique Vintage and it’s currently on sale for $79 and sizes XS-XL are all available! Again it’s another one without pockets but honestly, I looked so good in it that it wasn’t even that big a deal lol. It was a little tight and if it wasn’t stretchy material I definitely wouldn’t have been able to fit into it, but because it has so much stretch, the large did fit. Though if you want to be extra comfy then I suggest sizing up.

20171027_063447 (2).jpg

The brooch is a gorgeous Ghost with the most lovely red resin. It’s the Ghostly Gary Brooch from Erstwilder and it is still available! I love it so much and I can’t wait to wear it again.

20171027_062510 (1)

My hair was doing all sorts of amazingness this day and my brows were on point lol. Wearing Unicorn Blood on the lips again.

20171027_063320 (2)

And finally the FINAL Halloween outfit of the week comes care of Hell Bunny. This gorgeous Salem 50’s dress is still available on the Hell Bunny site in sizes XS-4XL!!! But if you are a size XS or small, Modcloth has this dress on sale right now for $26.97!!! Considering it’s regularly $90, that’s an amazing deal. I was lucky to get this dress for half off the original price so I couldn’t say no. 20171030_065806 (1)

The things that stand out the most about this dress are the polka-dot peter pan collar and the peek-a-boo cut out at the chest. Gives it a little sexiness while still remaining work friendly. It has deep pockets and there are so many different Halloween characters on this print! Cats, moons, pumpkins, ghosts, stars, candles, bats, webs…it’s the perfect Halloween dress. I also wore a dark purple Mak sweater and my Catastrophic Fright brooch again.


I can’t tell if I’m wearing Calabasas again but I think I am lol.


Ok so this WAS the last Halloween outfit but remember I mentioned how I got the cat brooch in error in an order and I had to reorder the other brooch I had originally wanted more? Well I got that brooch about a week after Halloween and it’s so amazing there was no way I wasn’t going to wear it. For me, the Not So Wicked brooch from Erstwilder is the BEST of all the Halloween brooches. It is just SO GORGEOUS! The resins are amazing and I adore the colours.


This picture seriously doesn’t do the brooch justice. It’s so much nicer in person.

Ok so I’m finally done! If you think this post was huge, wait till you see the Christmas one!! I may have to split that into a few blogs lol




Will be back soon…..

Sorry I’ve been away for so long. The lack of time and lack of passion for writing stopped me from continuing to blog. I have been planning a Halloween post with my Halloween outfits this year and hopefully I can get that done before Christmas starts!

For now you can check out my outfits on my instagram! Just search magicpie33.


A Few of My Favourite Things…Makeup Edition

Hello again! I’m trying to be better with this blog and post more and doing this favourite things stuff helps. Today I’m going to write about Makeup I have been lusting after.

Firstly the one thing that I am so upset I missed (because it’s sold out and was limited edition), is the Kat Von D Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette.


I am so sad that I didn’t have the money when this came out. This is so perfect because it’s a wonderful mix of matte and shimmery shades. I really want to get more into eye shadows and have been really looking for some palettes and this really was the one I should have just bought but ya know, I was broke lol.

Her Serpentina palette is really nice too as well as her Pastel Goth one but they still don’t come close to amazingness of Metal Matte.



Continuing with eye shadow palettes, let move on to the Urban Decay After Dark palette.


I am LIVING for this gorgeous palette. I think it’s so perfect for adding drama to any look. I also think it’s great for mixing and matching with a few basic colours in any of the Naked paletes. I know I really need a naked palette so I’m looking at the Naked Smoky Palette.


I think I could have a good mix of looks with one basic palette and one out there palette.

Other than their palettes, I’m also interested in getting their De-Slick makeup setting spray


Jeffree Star swears by Urban Decay setting sprays and I fully trust his opinion on makeup because he has tried EVERYTHING! There are different kinds but I have oily skin so the De-slick is my best bet.

Now speaking of Jeffree Star, he always has stuff that I want. He recently released a new liquid lip called No Tea, No Shade which is so gorgeous!


I would also like to get a few more highlighter options other than the Peach Goddess one I have. I’m really loving Lavender Snow and Princess Cut.

I’m also looking for a new eye brow pencil. I use MAC Veluxe Eye brow pencil but I don’t love it. It’s definitely not as pigmented or as natural looking as I’d like it to be. I’m not totally sure where to go with it…any recommendations out there?

AND I still totally need an extensive brush set. Just can’t get enough money together to get a really good set. Any suggestions?

It totally sucks that I can’t buy any of these makeup items anytime soon. My primer and blush have both run out so I need to buy those as soon as I get some extra funds. My foundation is also running out too 😦 Such is life.

And what’s a blog post without some of my recent outfits?! Click on each outfit for more details

A few of my favourite things…Jan 2017

I did a blog recently about things that I was wanting and of course this changes and updates constantly so I thought I would make this a usual thang. Today I’m keeping the list to the clothing items I’ve been drooling over and maybe next week I’ll do makeup and switch it up when I can.

I’m going to start with Hello Universe. Right now Hello Universe has a few Unique Vintage skirts on pre-order. These skirts are not on the Unique Vintage site yet and I think right now they are only available for pre-order on Hello Universe. There are two specific ones that I am drooling over. The first one is the Candy Shop Be-Bop skirt.

This skirt is too cute and I would totally wear it with this shirt as well. The second skirt is the Fantastical Fathoms Skirt.

And I would totally wear this shirt with it as well lol. I have really been getting into wanting more separates lately and these skirts are just so perfect for the upcoming warmer weather.

Up next is Unique Vintage, since I’ve already mentioned them above. And sticking with their amazing skirts, here is another one I’m obsessed with even more than the two above. The Pastel Beauty Salon Skirt is so amazing!

It was created in collaboration with my favourite brooch company, Erstwilder. Unique Vintage created this skirt and another dress to go along with this Rollin’ With Katie brooch (sold out on their site but can be found through other stockists).


I recently sold a necklace on ebay, so I used half of the money from that sale to buy the brooch…this means I need to have the matching skirt!!! Right?!

Next are three basic black tops. I really need to invest in basic well made shirts if I’m going to invest in skirts. These three are definitely in my top 10 to get:

Click on each picture if you want to link to the shirts on the website.

Next up is this adorable navy blue Retro Cat Print dress

This dress is just freakin’ adorable and so me, since I adore cats. I would also want the pink and white shoes to match!

There are so many more items but I’ll keep it short by showcasing this one last dress: Vixen by Micheline Pitt White & Lipstick Print dress

This dress is just the most perfect cute but still sexy novelty print dress. It’s a little pricey but so pretty.

Next is the Pretty Dress Company from the UK. I was unable to save the dress pictures from the actual site but luckily Unique Vintage sells these dresses too so I will post their pictures but link to the actual site page. I really love the classic styles and fabrics that this company puts out. My favourite of their dresses are the Hepburn dresses. They have both A-line and pencil skirt versions of these dresses. My most favourites are the Hepburn Seville in Forest Green:

The Hepburn Pencil Seville in Black:

And the Hepburn in Red and Navy Tartan:

They also recently released a Lemon Print Pencil dress that is gorgeous. Again, I couldn’t save the pictures on the site but Southern (California) Belle recently showcased this dress on her blog.

Isn’t it just so lovely?!

Up next are these fabulously amazing Valentines Day inspired dresses from Pin Up Girl Clothing. Both these dresses are currently in the “coming soon” section of the site but they should be released next week, from what I’ve heard (they are for valentines day so they shouldn’t be released too late). Firstly there’s this freakin’ amazing piece of awesomeness: the Pinup Couture Gena Dress in Pink Harlequin Print

I have been wanting a harlequin print item from PUG for a long time but none of them really screamed out to me until this one came up. It would make such a cute Valentines day dress. Another amazing V-day dress is this Pinup Couture Natasha Dress in Pinstripe Heart Print. The pin stripes are HEARTS!!!

Ugh it’s so damn cute. Of course, wiggle/pencil dresses do not really work for me anymore since I had my son. But I can only hope that I will eventually lose the baby weight so I can feel comfortable in them again.

And now on to one of my most favourite and adored brands, Emily and Fin. They are killing it so far with their SS17 collection and it’s only January!!! They have a bunch on pre-order right now for February on affiliate webstores. There are so many lovelies but there are 2 that are on my radar. Firstly there is this darling coral Lulu dress that is currently available for pre-order through the Aspire Style website.


I’m actually super excited because I just sold a sweater on ebay for $100 a few minutes ago so I will be able to place a pre-order on this dress by the end of next week!!! I just adore the collar because I don’t have anything else like it in my wardrobe. The other dress I’m drooling over is the pin stripe Pippa dress that is currently available for pre-order through the Lilac Rose website.


It’s very simple but also perfect and adorable. I love that it has an easy breezy nautical feel to it.

We are almost done, but not before I mention one of the most wanted prints I have seen in a long time. Trashy Diva recently re-released their Lovebirds print, which was picked by their fans to make a return. They released several styles in this print but two of them really drew me in. The one that pretty much every Trashy Diva fan wanted is the Lovebirds Hopscotch dress.

This dress sold out so fast!!! Only sizes 22 and 24 are left on the Trashy Diva site and I can’t find this style anywhere else because it’s all sold. If this dress wasn’t $250 Canadian I might have been able to get it but I just can’t afford a dress that expensive. The other dress in this print that I love is their 40’s dress

This one is still available in my size on the site as well as on the Retroglam site but again, it’s a $250 dress. The colours and style are just so beautiful though and I was very jealous looking at all the pictures of girls in these dresses on the Trashy Diva BST facebook page lol.

And of course, last but not least, we have the Modcloth items! The two dresses that I have been drooling over are the amazing Take Up Space dress and the adorable Oh My Gosh in Tropics dress.

Like seriously though, the first dress has space cats!!!! It screams Sheila. And the second dress is just the perfect light summer dress with yummy fruits!

I’m also so in love with this Friends Over Pho Midi Skirt but it’s been sold out now for weeks and I have no idea if it will ever be back. It’s just so pretty and colourful. And speaking of sold out, this Face the Fox sweater is sold out in my size too. Look at it. The fox wants me to buy him lol.

And finally, I have two super cute bathing suits on this list of wants! Esther Williams makes the best bathing suits. I have 3 of them so I know! The The Bathing Beauty in Aquarium and Bathing Beauty in Umbrellas are the next 2 on my radar.

Not only do they make everyone’s torso look amazing, they are also super comfortable and super cute.

Wow that was super long but I expected it would be since it’s been ages since the last things that I want was done. I would assume that subsequent posts about the things I want wont be as long.

The Birth of a Modern Pin Up Girl Wannabe

This is a post that is probably going to take me a few days to get through but I think it’s an important one to write about because it shines a light on how I got to where I am now when it comes to fashion/makeup/hair. (This actually took me a few weeks to write lol)

The earliest time I can remember learning about the Pin Up world was around 2004 when I discovered Burlesque model/dancer, Dita Von Teese.


I became obsessed with her. I thought she was so gorgeous. I loved how in her down time she always looked perfect. Her hair was always perfectly curled, her makeup was always on point and she always had on red lipstick, her nails were a signature dark red colour and they were never chipped, and she was ALWAYS dressed up beautifully. She mostly wore dresses and never wore jeans. Even when grocery shopping!

At the time, I was 23 years old and in College for Journalism Media. My clothing style was nothing like Dita’s even though I loved what she wore. At the time, online shopping wasn’t really a huge thing like it is now and I had no idea where I would even find clothes like hers. I mostly wore jeans and band T-shirts and I probably only had a few dresses in my wardrobe.

I don’t really remember having any other interest in pin-up girls or clothing in the few years to follow. I worked at Bluenotes and Le Chateau so my clothing choices were based on those stores. When I started working at Le Chateau, my love of fashion really started. I started looking at more expensive and better quality items and really started caring about looking nice. I started adding a lot more skirts and dresses to my wardrobe at that time because I was surrounded by them. I also started wearing more heels and I was building a really nice professional/dressy collection of clothing.

Then 2009 hit and I discovered Modcloth. I remember how small and new the site was and how limited the clothing was but I loved so many of the clothes. I remember thinking how awesome and different the clothes were and how no one else I knew dressed in the clothes on the site. On May 13th 2009, I made my first Modcloth purchase:2016-12-27-14_51_26-mod-retro-vintage-clothing-indie-clothes-_-modcloth-com

With having never purchased clothing online before, I was very unsure of sizing and how things looked on my body so I was bound to have some things not work. The second dress was returned immediately because it was super short. The first dress made me so sad because I loved it so much but it ran super small. I kept it in my closet hoping it would fit until about 3 years ago when I finally gave it away. The last 3 items I purchased were perfect and I still have a wear all three. Shipping wasn’t cheap though so I didn’t make another Modcloth purchase until Oct. 26 of that year and I bought 3 items:


The first dress I eventually gave away because it just didn’t work with my body and the second dress ended up being turned into a skirt because the top looked horrible on me. I still have and love the winter coat though. After this purchase, the shipping became cheaper so I started buying more consistently. I still had a few misses for a while but I started understanding what clothes worked best with my body and then Modcloth started getting a lot better with sizing their products and people started being able to leave reviews, which greatly helped with picking the correct sizes. Between 2009 and the end of 2013 I made 21 orders through Modcloth. I also really loved clothing from Pinup Girl Clothing and Unique Vintage but I couldn’t stomach paying the huge shipping fees. I was still mostly purchasing my clothing from stores like Le Chateau, H&M, and Suzy Shier. My Final order of 2013 really started to show where my style was heading and really started my true obsession with online shopping and retro style:

2016-12-27 15_24_33-Mod Retro Vintage Clothing & Indie Clothes _ ModCloth.com.png

This is probably one of my favourite articles of clothing I have in my wardrobe. (I got it for 50% off too!)

2014 definitely saw my style changing a lot more. I started to buy more dresses and they became a huge staple in my wardrobe. I spent almost every day of my honeymoon in Vancouver in a dress! Speaking of my honeymoon, I can’t do this post without mentioning my gangster themed wedding! My ideas of what I wanted to look like on my wedding day changed greatly over the last 20 years. I went from wanting to look like a princess in a poofy dress to wanting to look like a vintage Hollywood actress/pin up. I definitely knew I wanted pin up makeup and I wanted a birdcage instead of a veil. I think I mixed my love of modern style with my love of vintage style perfectly.




And of course we definitely had to have the guys wear fedoras and have guns if they were going to be gangsters! lol

After our wedding, I quickly got pregnant which put a damper on my style. I gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy so I wore a lot of leggings and long sweaters. Pretty dresses went out the window during my pregnancy but not my love of mod/vintage/pinup clothing. After I had my son, I spent 6 months in pjs and yoga pants and no makeup. During that time, I daydreamed about the days where I would be able to fit into my old clothes again. I started playing more with makeup and started building my wardrobe again with “goal” dresses…dresses that would push me to lose the weight. At the time I was still getting a lot of basic pieces and not really getting too many clothes with fun prints or full skirts because that’s more of what I was used to and liked.

My transformation into pinup girl wannabe didn’t actually start until a few months later in December 2015, just a year ago. I remember being on the Modcloth facebook pages looking at the visitor posts section and I saw a post about another Modcloth board called Modcloth BST (buy/sell/trade). I decided to join it to see if I could get some great deals. From there I eventually started joining other BST groups: Emily and Fin, Bernie Dexter, Trashy Diva, and Pin Up Girl Clothing, as well as a few other Modcloth sales pages. These pages were a huge influence on me because, not only was I able to buy cute clothes for less, each community also is open to members showcasing their outfits. This definitely started opening up my eyes to the fact that other girls were dressing the way that I’ve always wanted to dress. This also opened me up other clothing brands and different styles that I may had not considered before. I started finding myself getting really interested in novelty prints and large circle skirts the more I watched these facebook pages. I also started to feel like these new shapes and styles work much so much better with my post baby body. I do miss pencil skirts, wiggle dresses, and pants, but I’ll be able to wear them again soon enough!

And as if I didn’t need any more fashion inspiration, in the last few months I started following blogs by lovely ladies, whose wardrobes really spoke to me because they embodied the vision I had for how I wanted to look. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, my two main blog inspirations are Southern (California) Belle

and June Bugs and Georgia Peaches

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

I watch these two blogs on the daily and I’m always so in love with most of the outfits they wear! I love it when they wear items I already own and swoon with envy when they wear items I want but can’t afford.

I think for anyone who doesn’t know me very well or doesn’t see me often, the best way to show how much my style has changed in the last year is to go through my Instagram feed @magicpie33. I think it’s very obvious how the styles, shapes, and colours of my clothes have changed. Not just my clothes but my makeup style and even my glasses have changed to help me achieve the pin up look I’ve yearned to have for so long. I knew I kind of “made it” into the pin up catagory when a girl at work came up to me and said “You’re like a pin up girl. Is that the look you’re going for?” I was like YUP!

Throughout the last year, I went through mostly just getting clothes from Modcloth to also being obsessed with Bernie DexterEmily and FinUnique VintagePin Up Girl Clothing, and Trashy Diva among so many others. (Though I still don’t buy from these stores directly just because their shipping to Canada is horrendous, except Emily and Fin, which isn’t the worst). I’ve been able to expand my wardrobe with pieces that I love and make me happy. And they make me feel young and beautiful!

So that’s basically how I have reached the point that I’m at now with fashion. It was like this little hope and dream I had long ago but didn’t know how to achieve, but now that the styles I love are easier to find thanks to the internet, I can play the wanna-be pin up every day!

And of course, I can’t end this blog post without outfits. I haven’t posted in months but I have still been taking outfit photos. So here are a few from the last few months.


A Few of My Favourite Things (That I Want)

Heyo Biscuiteers! I am back after a very long time away. Just doing a long ass blog about some of the things I’ve been coveting lately! Hope you all enjoy!

First and foremost, I know many of you have probably already hopped on the liquid lipstick train and most of you are wearing Jeffree Star, Nyx, or Kat Von D. But I have found a fantastic company with an amazing liquid lip formula that seriously lasts. The company is called Coloured Raine and they have a wide variety of, what they call, Matte Lip Paints. I just had enough money to buy one of the colours, Raine Fever, and it is such a great product! It lasted 11 hours with barely any feathering at the end of the day. My only complaint is that it took 2 coats to get full coverage, which apparently is only an issue with that colour, according to reviews. Here’s a couple of pictures of me wearing the dark purple lippie:

So now because of how good this lipstick is, I definitely want to buy more more more!!! (When I get some extra money) Here are the 6 that are currently in my wishlist:


Keeping with makeup, I’m really loving Jeffree Star’s Skin Frost and have been waiting for them to come back in stock. I love a few of them but think the one that would get the most use is Peach Goddess:


I currently use a MAC highlighter but I don’t think it packs enough of a punch but I know that this one would really glow.

From Makeup on to wallets and purses. I have been a fan of Guess handbags for many years, ever since my sister gave me a Guess purse that she was given as a gift (it wasn’t her style). It lasted me a really long time and I was heartbroken when it finally broke. I got another Guess purse about 6 years ago but the straps broke after a few years because I just put way too much crap into it and made it very heavy. So I’ve been using a crappy purse I don’t like. I bought a Guess wallet about 4 years ago and it’s still good but the card holders are stressed out from regular wear and tear so I would LOVE to get a new Guess purse and wallet soon. I do prefer a classic style for every day so I’m loving this purse and wallet:

If I had loads of money to burn I would also want something fun like this because I ADORE cherry blossoms:

Onto one of my biggest loves: Lululemon. I have been a huge Lululemon fan for about 6 years now and have a pretty big collection. I recently sold a few shirts and sweaters and I still have loads of stuff lol. I haven’t been able to purchase anything from them for over a year now but I still like looking on their site. These are some of the items I am currently coveting:

This Circuit Breaker sports bra! I love the back so much. Here’s a black one from the front and white one from the back. I want both colours lol.

This awesome Essential Tank. I don’t have a lot of loose ones but I’d love this one in the green below and a dark grey.

And I’d want this sports Energy Bra for underneath:

And these two pairs of pants because I’m sick of always wearing black ones. The red ones are Tight Stuff Tight Pants (reflective) and the green ones are Tight Stuff Tight version 2

And of course, with Fall finally here, I’m all about cozy warm sweaters. I really love these ones from Suzy Shier because they are inexpensive and they look great.

I’m really adoring this super long Dolman Sleeve sweater because I could wear it with tights. This one is $36 And of course I want both colours:

Next is this High-Low Sweater for $32.

And finally my favourite is this Rolled Edge Pullover Sweater. I have it in black and olive green from a couple of years ago and I would love the purple and fawn colours. This is such a comfy cozy sweater and I got the green one a size larger to give it an even more baggy look and I love it.

Last but not least, I have to have some dresses in here of course!

I’m so in love with the fabric/design called Mahjong from Trashy Diva. I especially love the Trixie and Annette dresses below. They are really expensive on the Trashy Diva site but Retroglam.com has them for a lot cheaper.

Next up is Bernie Dexter. I am so obsessed with her dresses and these are some of the ones I am really wanting right now:

Firstly this Kitchen Paris print from Bernie’s actual website:



These other Bernie dresses are on the Unique Vintage website. The first two are also Paris styles.

The third one is a Jodi style and fourth one is a Kelly style.

Last but not least, here are some recent Modcloth dresses I am madly in love with.

The first is the Unmatched Panache dress in Airplanes (which is also an Emily and Fin Claudia dress) and the second is the Biographical Book Club Floral dress in Brick. These two dresses are so beautiful and perfect for fall with some tights and cardigans.

And I also love these two dresses:

The first one is the Frondescent Fete dress in Thicket and the second beauty is the Nostalgically Nuanced dress. Again these are two gorgeous dresses for the fall that I adore.

Now because this blog usually showcases my outfits, I’ll share an outfit that I wore this past Thursday that I absolutely loved:

The shirt is a recent purchase from H&M. It was only $19.99!!! If I had more money I honestly would have bought 3 more colours because it’s such a great shirt and you can never go wrong with a crisp white button down. The belt (sold out) and shoes are both from Modcloth and the skirt (sold out) is from Emily and Fin.

Bits and Bobs

HELLLOOOOOOO! So I’ve been evil and stayed away for too long again lol. Sorry :P. As usual, things have been hectic so my time has been limited but I have some time today to kinda just talk about a few random things.

MAKEUP! Over the last two years, I’ve been getting more into makeup than I ever have been before. Two falls ago, I threw out all of my drugstore makeup because I found that it just didn’t work for me and I was tired of spending money on a bunch of items that didn’t last long or give me the look I wanted. I knew that I loved MAC so I started investing in basic MAC essentials like primers, foundation, blush, and concealer. Slowly over the years I’ve amassed a decent MAC lipstick and liner collection (UNFORTUNATELY I’VE RECENTLY LOST MY REDD AND BEET LIP LINERS! I’m so sad as they are $21 each and they fell out of my dress pockets two separate times and I didn’t notice) as well and now I’m starting to really get into liquid lipsticks (I’m loving my Jeffree Star ones). I went on a search for a great liquid liner and settled on Kat Von D’s Tattoo liner as my go to, though I may be switching to Styla or Marc Jacobs, as I’m finding the Kat Von D one dries up fast. I also went on a search for a great mascara and I have been using Lights, Camera, Flashes by Tarte but I’ve run out and I’m wondering if I should try Benefit’s They’re Real mascara because I’ve heard some good things. As for eyeshadow, I have a lot of great shadows from MAC, Smashbox, and Kat Von D but I’m finding that I’m lacking in more fun bright colours. I really want to create my own pallette with MAC because their shadows last the longest on my oily lids and they have some really sweet colours.

I’ve also been watching a load of makeup tutorials lately. I especially love tutorials by Shaaanxo. She does a lot of swatch videos and her “chit chat get ready with me” videos are a lot of fun. Watching more tutorials has really helped me try some new things. I’ve always struggled with my eye brows because I waxed them super thin in the 1990’s so now I have to colour them in. I hadn’t been happy with them for a long time but after getting a new MAC eye brow pencil and watching tutorials, I’m finding that I really like the thickness and shape I’ve been creating, though i’m still not 100% happy with them. Here’s a before and after to give you an idea. On the right was my wedding day in 2014…still very thin. And the left is today…much thicker.

I’ve also started using highlighter on my cheek bones and I’ve interested in learning how to contour to see if I can make my nose look thinner. I just have to find the right products for contouring that work for me.

PANTS/SEPARATES! Ok so everyone knows I love my dresses, but before I had my son, I wore a lot of nice pants and pencil skirts as well. Unfortunately, with my large weight gain due to pregnancy, my pants and pencil skirts no longer fit. This didn’t bother in the summer (except that the only shorts that fit me were my maternity shorts) but now with the fall coming, I really want to be able to change up my wardrobe with some warmer items. I really can’t spend money on new pants and pencil skirts and even though there’s a lot of nice skirts that I really would like, I really don’t want to have to buy anything in a larger size. For those of you kinda following my weight saga, I still haven’t been able to lose a single pound, even with working out 6 days a week and watching my calories. I still have an entire wardrobe of items that don’t fit but I don’t want to give up on losing the weight. I have too many nice clothes and don’t want to get rid of them. Hopefully my hormones get back to normal soon and I can start getting use out of my separates again in time for the colder weather.

EXERCISE: I’m really starting to get bored with my workout routine. Currently I’m finishing up a round of P90X3 and will start doing Insanity Max afterwards. I also try to do two Les Mills Body Pump classes twice a week. I’m feeling like maybe my body needs a change up. I’ve always wanted to try running but I have crappy knees and I know it will take a while to work up to an hour of running, so I’ll feel like wasting my time. I’ve also thought about other classes or maybe going back to doing the elliptical again because that’s always great for weight loss for me. I don’t know. I’ve never done Insanity Max before so maybe when I start that, I’ll feel invigorated in my workouts again.

Finally here’s just a quick little rundown of some of my recent outfits. One, two and four are Emily and Fin dresses. The third is Closet London. Not sure what the fifth one is.