I’m Baaaaaaaack!

Hey Biscuiteers! I was away a lot longer than I expected I’d be, but as I stated in my previous blog, things have been pretty stressful and writing a blog like this honestly just seemed so frivolous. I’m still not sure I’ll be keeping this up as much as I used to for a little while longer though as things have really not gotten better in my life and I’m probably more stressed than ever. But I needed to do this blog because I have a backlog of outfits to post. I’m definitely going to try to do at least one blog a week though to keep things going and hopefully I can get back to a daily blog once things get a bit better. It’s just getting more and more difficult to put on a happy face and pose for outfits when I know things are not great.

Anyway, this is just going to be a quick blog with pics of some of the outfits I’ve worn over the past few weeks and where the clothes are from. No makeup stuff.

Dress was purchased many years ago from R&W Co. The cami is from Le Chateau.The cardigan (still available) and tights (sold out) are from Modcloth. I don’t remember where I purchased the shoes…possibly Payless.

The sweater, blouse, and shoes are all from Modcloth and they are all sold out. The grey skinny were bought from Suzy Shier many years ago.

Pretty sure this is my favourite outfit of the bunch here. The dress is originally from Target in the USA but I got it from a girl who was selling it on the Modcloth BST board on facebook. I love it because it looks like an old European village on my dress! The sweater is from Modcloth (this colour is sold out) and I don’t remember where the boots are from. The belt came with another dress but no clue which one.

Dress is from Modcloth (sold out), shirt is from Le Chateau, tights are from Forever 21, and shoes are from Aldo.

Dress (sold out), cardigan, and shoes (sold out) all from Modcloth. Necklace from Mark/Avon.

The dress is from Le Chateau (years ago). The cardigan and shoes (sold out) are both from Modcloth. The necklace is an oldie from RW & Co.

I wasn’t happy with this outfit but I just grabbed something that fit. My style has changed so much and even though I used to love this dress, it does nothing for me now. I bought it from Suzy Shier a few years back, the cami is from Le Chateau, as is the necklace, and the shoes are from Call It Spring (sold out).

Ok so that’s it for this blog. Hopefully I can get another one done this week if I have the time.


2 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaaaaack!

    • Hi Ally, thanks for asking. I’m physically ok. It’s just some complicated stressful stuff that’s going on right now that’s causing me an extreme amount of anxiety. I don’t want to complain because my problems are nothing compared to some people’s issues.


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