A few of my favourite things…Jan 2017

I did a blog recently about things that I was wanting and of course this changes and updates constantly so I thought I would make this a usual thang. Today I’m keeping the list to the clothing items I’ve been drooling over and maybe next week I’ll do makeup and switch it up when I can.

I’m going to start with Hello Universe. Right now Hello Universe has a few Unique Vintage skirts on pre-order. These skirts are not on the Unique Vintage site yet and I think right now they are only available for pre-order on Hello Universe. There are two specific ones that I am drooling over. The first one is the Candy Shop Be-Bop skirt.

This skirt is too cute and I would totally wear it with this shirt as well. The second skirt is the Fantastical Fathoms Skirt.

And I would totally wear this shirt with it as well lol. I have really been getting into wanting more separates lately and these skirts are just so perfect for the upcoming warmer weather.

Up next is Unique Vintage, since I’ve already mentioned them above. And sticking with their amazing skirts, here is another one I’m obsessed with even more than the two above. The Pastel Beauty Salon Skirt is so amazing!

It was created in collaboration with my favourite brooch company, Erstwilder. Unique Vintage created this skirt and another dress to go along with this Rollin’ With Katie brooch (sold out on their site but can be found through other stockists).


I recently sold a necklace on ebay, so I used half of the money from that sale to buy the brooch…this means I need to have the matching skirt!!! Right?!

Next are three basic black tops. I really need to invest in basic well made shirts if I’m going to invest in skirts. These three are definitely in my top 10 to get:

Click on each picture if you want to link to the shirts on the website.

Next up is this adorable navy blue Retro Cat Print dress

This dress is just freakin’ adorable and so me, since I adore cats. I would also want the pink and white shoes to match!

There are so many more items but I’ll keep it short by showcasing this one last dress: Vixen by Micheline Pitt White & Lipstick Print dress

This dress is just the most perfect cute but still sexy novelty print dress. It’s a little pricey but so pretty.

Next is the Pretty Dress Company from the UK. I was unable to save the dress pictures from the actual site but luckily Unique Vintage sells these dresses too so I will post their pictures but link to the actual site page. I really love the classic styles and fabrics that this company puts out. My favourite of their dresses are the Hepburn dresses. They have both A-line and pencil skirt versions of these dresses. My most favourites are the Hepburn Seville in Forest Green:

The Hepburn Pencil Seville in Black:

And the Hepburn in Red and Navy Tartan:

They also recently released a Lemon Print Pencil dress that is gorgeous. Again, I couldn’t save the pictures on the site but Southern (California) Belle recently showcased this dress on her blog.

Isn’t it just so lovely?!

Up next are these fabulously amazing Valentines Day inspired dresses from Pin Up Girl Clothing. Both these dresses are currently in the “coming soon” section of the site but they should be released next week, from what I’ve heard (they are for valentines day so they shouldn’t be released too late). Firstly there’s this freakin’ amazing piece of awesomeness: the Pinup Couture Gena Dress in Pink Harlequin Print

I have been wanting a harlequin print item from PUG for a long time but none of them really screamed out to me until this one came up. It would make such a cute Valentines day dress. Another amazing V-day dress is this Pinup Couture Natasha Dress in Pinstripe Heart Print. The pin stripes are HEARTS!!!

Ugh it’s so damn cute. Of course, wiggle/pencil dresses do not really work for me anymore since I had my son. But I can only hope that I will eventually lose the baby weight so I can feel comfortable in them again.

And now on to one of my most favourite and adored brands, Emily and Fin. They are killing it so far with their SS17 collection and it’s only January!!! They have a bunch on pre-order right now for February on affiliate webstores. There are so many lovelies but there are 2 that are on my radar. Firstly there is this darling coral Lulu dress that is currently available for pre-order through the Aspire Style website.


I’m actually super excited because I just sold a sweater on ebay for $100 a few minutes ago so I will be able to place a pre-order on this dress by the end of next week!!! I just adore the collar because I don’t have anything else like it in my wardrobe. The other dress I’m drooling over is the pin stripe Pippa dress that is currently available for pre-order through the Lilac Rose website.


It’s very simple but also perfect and adorable. I love that it has an easy breezy nautical feel to it.

We are almost done, but not before I mention one of the most wanted prints I have seen in a long time. Trashy Diva recently re-released their Lovebirds print, which was picked by their fans to make a return. They released several styles in this print but two of them really drew me in. The one that pretty much every Trashy Diva fan wanted is the Lovebirds Hopscotch dress.

This dress sold out so fast!!! Only sizes 22 and 24 are left on the Trashy Diva site and I can’t find this style anywhere else because it’s all sold. If this dress wasn’t $250 Canadian I might have been able to get it but I just can’t afford a dress that expensive. The other dress in this print that I love is their 40’s dress

This one is still available in my size on the site as well as on the Retroglam site but again, it’s a $250 dress. The colours and style are just so beautiful though and I was very jealous looking at all the pictures of girls in these dresses on the Trashy Diva BST facebook page lol.

And of course, last but not least, we have the Modcloth items! The two dresses that I have been drooling over are the amazing Take Up Space dress and the adorable Oh My Gosh in Tropics dress.

Like seriously though, the first dress has space cats!!!! It screams Sheila. And the second dress is just the perfect light summer dress with yummy fruits!

I’m also so in love with this Friends Over Pho Midi Skirt but it’s been sold out now for weeks and I have no idea if it will ever be back. It’s just so pretty and colourful. And speaking of sold out, this Face the Fox sweater is sold out in my size too. Look at it. The fox wants me to buy him lol.

And finally, I have two super cute bathing suits on this list of wants! Esther Williams makes the best bathing suits. I have 3 of them so I know! The The Bathing Beauty in Aquarium and Bathing Beauty in Umbrellas are the next 2 on my radar.

Not only do they make everyone’s torso look amazing, they are also super comfortable and super cute.

Wow that was super long but I expected it would be since it’s been ages since the last things that I want was done. I would assume that subsequent posts about the things I want wont be as long.


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