Modcloth’s Fall Offerings

So a few weeks ago Modcloth started slowly releasing some of their fall clothing and I was less than impressed. I wasn’t seeing anything all that interesting except for their restocks on cardigans. Last week, Modcloth STEPPED UP THEIR GAME big time and released a load of gorgeous stuff I want. Unfortunately, with me being totally broke and in some financial trouble, I’ll be lucky if I’ll be able to get even just the tights I’m going to post here.

So here’s what is new in my Modcloth wishlist! You can find all these items by searching through the New Arrivals page and going through the new items for the past week.

First there’s this dress that I would totally want to wear with these tights and a black belt. The belt I would want is also from modcloth but it’s not new so I’m not posting it here.

Next there’s this super cool looking dress with this cardigan.

Then there’s these fantastic floral dresses:

These super cute novelty print dresses:

This amazing MOD dress would look super cool with these funky tights and maybe a black long sleeve shirt underneath for colder weather:

And I’m in love with both these outfits:

I keep getting excited for fall when I see these outfits but then I get sad when I realize I can’t buy them lol. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win the current contest they are having!


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