Emily and Fin is My Jam

Ok so I’ve fallen behind again on this blog. I’m getting so lazy with updating lol. I just feel like the same old “here’s my outfits” posts are maybe getting boring? I see other fashion blogs and they talk about other things a lot of the time…like they’ll have a blog post with 10 pictures of themselves in a cool outfit but then they’ll talk about something that’s going on in their lives instead of talking about the outfit. I’m not sure that’s where I want to go because even though I’m a pretty open person, I don’t think I want to go that route. But I’m not sure if this is working either. I’ll have to think about it more.

Anyway, onto the fashion! For those of you who have been following my blog/Instagram/Modcloth page, or know me from the BST pages on Facebook, you know about my recent discovery and obsession with Emily and Fin dresses. I’d already seen their dresses on Modcloth but I hadn’t pulled the trigger on them because they are a bit pricey. Then when I got on the BST board, girls were selling them for super cheap so I bought my first E&F and I fell in love! They ALL have pockets!!! This post is dedicated to 3 Emily and Fin dresses I wore recently. One I got super cheap from the BST board and the other two I bought with the money I made from selling a very rare Lululemon jacket that I wasn’t wearing anymore. I purposely sold that jacket to get these two dresses and I made enough money from that one jacket to buy them both with shipping included!

The first one on the list is my Lucy in Sailboats that I got from the Emily and Fin BST. This dress is soooooo freakin cute! I love the Lucy style because it is very flattering. I have two long Lucy’s so this was my first short one and I love it even more than the long version.

In person the dress is a greyish pink and the boats are pink, orange, and yellow, which you’d think would be a garrish combo but it works! I finished off the look with my Charter School Cardigan in Rose and some amazing wedges that I got from Modcloth but are sold out.


I have been trying different things with my hair so I decided to do a braid crown with this outfit. It looks hard but it honestly takes 5 minutes. Look up Sarah Angius videos on facebook or youtube to see how she does it. I also wore a rose quartz and silver bracelet.

For makeup I kept things simple and neutral with some nude/pink lipstick: Brave from MAC.


Next up is the most adorable dress. Emily and Fin sometimes does dresses specifically for Modcloth that they don’t sell on their own site. This one is the Day After Day Dress in Rabbits. I LOOOOVE this dress and I got it a little cheaper because I got it from A BST lady who bought two sizes and went with the size up. This one still doesn’t fit right as it’s a medium. I find that the Lucy dresses run large but this style does not so I had to definitely wear a cardigan to cover the unzipped zipper lol.

And did you notice I have a new phone in this picture? lol. I love my S7. The pictures come out so much crisper and cleaner than with the other phone! So yeah, this dress…so cute! Look at the bunnies!!!!


Yeah it’s freakin adorable. I saw another girl on the BST board wear hers with a yellow cardigan and I thought it looked awesome so I did that too. Though I really want a cropped yellow cardigan to wear this with in the future. I’m not a fan of this Joe Fresh one because it’s really baggy and shapeless, especially when I’m thinner. Some nude heels finished off the look, along with a front braid in my hair, because I hate my hair straight these days.


The makeup is my usual stuff with my MAC Lady Danger lipstick to brighten things up even more.


Finally, I got to wear my new favourite Emily and Fin Dress. This dress is absolute freakin perfection. It’s on sale at Modcloth and on that site it’s called the Unmatched Panache Dress in Coastal Village. Or if you live in the UK or Europe, you may want to pick it up on the actual Emily and Fin site where it’s called the Claudia Dress in Scenic Cornish Harbour. This dress is honestly even more beautiful in person. The gorgeous pastel colours really pop and the style is so flattering. And the design is so cute with the little village homes and boats,

Cecause there are so many colours in the dress, there are multiple options for styling. I went with a turquoise/mint belt that plays off the blues and greens in the dress and dressed it up a bit in black with the charter school cardigan, platform shoes, and earrings.



For my eye makeup, I pulled out a Kat Von D palette that I haven’t used in ages. I mixed dusty pink, yellow, and teal together for a pretty combo. The picture below does not do it justice.


For lipstick I kept it basic again with MAC Brave lipstick, as to not compete with the eye makeup.


And there you go! It took me about 3 days to finish this blog lol. I hope I’ve convinced at least a few of you to buy some Emily and Fin dresses because they are amazing!


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