Cardigans Don’t Just Hide Unzipped Zippers

I usually love the warmer weather. I love wearing flip flops and pretty colourful sundresses…but this summer, I’m just not feeling it like I used to. Last summer I had just given birth to my son so I didn’t care that I was overweight because I thought I was going to drop the weight fast. This summer it’s a whole new ball game. I had expected to either be pregnant again or back to 130 pounds by now. With me still being at 158 and having cellulite on my arms (where the hell did that come from?!), I refuse to show off my arms at all. I can hide them ok in the pictures I take but the moment I walk out of the house, I have a cardigan on, no matter how hot it is outside. I hate having to do that. I feel like so many cute dresses are ruined by me needing to wear a cardigan because I’m hiding cute straps or a cute back. But my mind won’t allow me to just not care. The way I look is on my mind constantly so a cardigan these days isn’t a question…it’s the only option.

Here’s the perfect example of a super cute outfit that looks so good without a cardigan, but no way would I have walked out of the house without one.

I did my best to hide my arms in these photos but I’m still not totally comfortable with them. I absolutely love this cute and cool outfit. I have no idea where the loose tank is from or the gladiator sandles, as I bought them many years ago. The skirt though is the Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt in Merlot from Modcloth (only sizes 1X to 4X left). i LOVE this skirt. It’s so light and flowy and the colour is amazing. This is pretty much as Boho Chic as this girl gets lol. I felt super cute in this outfit until I looked in the mirror. I took these pictures and then on went the cardigan before I walked out the door.

2016-06-03 11.12.54

Not that the cardigan looked bad or anything but I felt like it totally changed the look of the original outfit. Not in a bad way…just different. My office at work is cold so I would have needed a cardigan anyway, but I wish that I didn’t have this nagging voice in my head telling me that I have to wear it outside too because no one wants to look at my arms.

To finish off the outfit post I’ll just note that I wore one of my pizza slice pins and did a casual side ponytail with natural makeup.

Another example of a cute outfit I wore this week that I had to cover with a cardigan is my awesome Mediterranean building dress from Target.

Again I tried to cover camouflage my arms here as best I could. I have no idea where I got my belt and shoes from as they are old. The dress was one of my first purchases from the Modcloth BST page. (They don’t just sell Modcloth items).

Here’s me with the cardigan…2016-06-06 09.43.28.jpg

Even when doing my closeup makeup selfies I feel the need to force my arms out of the picture as much as I can. 😦


I think that’s enough examples of hiding my arms for now lol….

…moving on to today’s outfit. I was definitely going for a very ladylike look today with my outfit and hair. My mother-in-law said I look like June Cleaver today lol. I decided to wear an Emily and Fin dress that I also recently wore to a bridal shower. I added a white cardigan and white heels to the look.

I also tried something new with my hair today and wore some light natural looking makeup.

That’s all for now. I’ve been writing this thing for the last 3 damn days lol.









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