Pretty Things

The last two weeks I’ve worn some pretty sweet outfits. It’s amazing how wearing a pretty outfit can make you feel happier and more confident. On a day like today when I feel like a fat ugly blob on a stick, it’s nice to look back on my recent looks.

First I’m going to start with my Modcloth In the Key of Chic dress by Bea and Dot that I mentioned in a previous post. This dress is soooooo pretty and super poofy, which I love. I definitely feel like a 50’s housewife in it lol.

Because of work, and my ginormous boobs, I had to wear a cami underneath. Instead of the red sash that comes with the dress I added a red belt in its place to make it look more professional. I wore my Dream of the Crop cardigan in black and some heels from Call It Spring. Unfortunately, my chest is still too big for the dress and it folds over at the chest, which is very frustrating. It’s also incredibly hard to steam the wrinkles out of this dress so I didn’t feel as put together as I’d have liked. My piano pin made me feel better though lol.

I also wore some of my onyx jewellery that I always forget I have.

For makeup I wore my signature russian red lippy from MAC.


Next up is my favourite Emily and Fin dress. The Modcloth name for it is Bake Shop Browsing in Umbrellas…sold out of course. This style looks really good for my body type I think. It makes the waist look really small because of the buttons that go all the way down the dress (there is a panel that hides them) and the lovely poofy skirt! My only issue with it is the same one I have with my Bea and Dot dress: the wrinkles are so damn hard to get out!

To define my waist more I wore a thick black belt and to hide my fat arms I wore a charter school cardigan that totally matches! I also wore some sexy Modcloth heels that I love so much.


I don’t wear much eye shadow in the warmer months because my eye lids get really oily, even with primer, but I decided to wear my Coastal Scents shadow in gold and forest green, which you can’t really see here. I went with a dark berry lip colour to finish the look.


Earlier on this week I attempted to fit into my gorgeous I Spot So Skirt that I bought while I was preggo. It JUST zipped up and wasn’t exactly comfortable but I wanted to wear it so bad lol. I had been dying to wear it with my Roller Derby Date Top so I wore that and a red cardigan. I absolutely love the mixing of these prints!

I debated just wearing black heels but decided on some cute striped peep toes.


To add some more colour I wore a red flower pendant and red lipstick. (red lips seemed to be the go to for this post lol)

Last but not least, I wore another Emily and Fin dress at the end of this week. I freakin LOVE Emily and Fin dresses and I want more of them! They are so perfect for my body shape and I just feel like the designers really know how to make dresses well. This one is the Day After Day in Yours Truly (modcloth name) and it is so stinkin cute! It has letters on it and the words Yours Truly all over it. And I forgot to mention with the Emily and Fin above but all their dress have pockets! Every single one!

Now, like other dresses I have, this one still doesn’t fit properly and I had to leave the zipper open and wear a cardigan once I left the house lol. I wear these heels with at least one outfit in every blog post so I’ll skip mentioning them this time.

2016-05-26 06.26.49

I’ve been trying different things with my hair lately and started doing a side braid that I really like. The back sometimes comes undone a bit and I usually redo the braid twice in the day. This is what happens when you down own hairspray. This is what the back looked like.

2016-05-26 06.14.25

And again for makeup I did that darn red lip again lol.


Aaaaaaand that’s it for now folks! have a great weekend and talk to ya soon!



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