Super fast speedy quick OOTD post

Ok, so it’s not going to be fast for you to read it, as there’s a lot of outfits, but it will be fast for me to write…at least faster than if I was to go super in depth. EDIT at the end: ok this was not fast to write at all lol.

I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to get a hair post done with maybe some videos on how I do certain things like curl my hair with a straightener. I know there’s a ton of Youtube videos about it but I’ve had the request to do one myself so eventually I will. I know there was another specific post that I wanted to do as well but I haz the dumb today and can’t remember. So anyway, I’m just going to do a quick run through of my outfits and what I wore without going through any extra babble.

Hand In Handicraft dress and Chic Correlation Heels in Cardinal from both Modcloth and both sold out. I think the sweater was from Suzy Shier.


Gorgeous Fox pins to go with the foxes on the dress. Lipstick is MAC Lady Danger and lip liner is REDD by MAC.

A cameo from my son! This dress has been with me for years and it’s so comfy. It’s from Old Navy. Shoes are from Payless and the cardigan is my Charter School in Ivory.

Love this dress. The lower back is open and I can’t wait to eventually show that off. It’s the Shorefront Sherbert dress from Modcloth which is sold out. The heels and cardigan are also from Modcloth and there are still sizes in both available.


I need these shoes in every colour.

Cute cupcake pins!!! MAC lipstick in Brave and liner in Soar.

Dress is from Modcloth but I don’t remember the name because I bought it from the BST board. It’s so freakin cute though. It has little embroidered hearts and flowers on it. Charter school cardigan is from Modcloth but I think this colour is sold out.


My new favourite shoes: The Zest is History Heels in Mint. I showcased them in my last blog but they are so amazing I have to do it again lol. Currently sold out 😦


Aaaaaand FOX pins again!

OMG a totally NON MODCLOTH outfit! hahaha nothing Modcloth at all. Though I did get the dress from the Modcloth BST board. It’s the famous Bardot dress from Target in the USA. Everyone and their mother is getting this dress because it’s super comfy and looks good on everyone! Blazer is from Suzy Shier and shoes are from Aldo.


Lipstick is MAC Russian red, which apparently is no longer available!

Another gorgeous Modcloth dress that I had on my wishlist forever but never pulled the trigger because of the price. It eventually sold out but I was able to snag it from a fellow BSTer for $30! Love it so much! Also wearing my zesty mint heels again and a black Charter School cardigan.


Not 100% sure which lipstick this is lol. I think it’s MAC D for Danger with MAC Beet liner.

My Hit the Road dress by Folter/Retrolicious. I think the sweater is from Suzy Shier and I am wearing the same navy heels as an above outfit.


Fries fries brooch and red heart sunnies from Unique Vintage. I got the sunnies as a free gift from them with a previous purchase. My son loves them lol.


Lipstick is MAC Russian red again.

And now for TODAY’S outfit!!!

Ok this one gets more attention because it’s todays, and because it’s Modcloth’s Heart and Solar System dress!!! (currently only available in XS, 3X and 4X) Love love love this dress. It fits like a glove and it’s probably my most favourite dress that I own right now. Someone at work today said it looked “out of this world” hahaha. Wearing my fave zesty heels in navy from Modcloth as well and the cardigan is from Old Navy.

Just look at its awesomeness.



D for Danger lipstick and you can’t see the eye shadow but it’s a light gold by Smashbox and royal/navy blue by MAC.

Finally done! OK. Let’s hope I don’t let this go so far again lol.


4 thoughts on “Super fast speedy quick OOTD post

  1. What does BST mean that you refer to? I am new to modcloth clothing and this week received two dresses I bravely bought. I love them but feel a bit self conscious cause they fit snug to my abdomen. I’m quite a bit shorter than you and would appreciate style advice. – jody


    • Hi Jody! The BST (buy/sell/trade) group I am talking about is the Modcloth BST group on Facebook. It’s an amazing group with a fantastic group of women who buy/sell/trade modcloth and modcloth-like clothes with each other! You get some great deals there! If you are on facebook just search Modcloth BST and ask to join 🙂


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