So you can’t zip up your dress all way? Cardigans to the rescue!!!

HA! I swear guys, this is the greatest thing I’ve ever discovered lol. So lately I’ve been trying on my size medium dresses that I know won’t fit my chest yet and I’ve noticed that many of the dresses fit my waist just fine, but just don’t fit the chest. So I’ve started wearing the dresses zipped up to the waist and then hiding the rest with a cardigan! Genius!!! Ok so maybe I’m not a genius because I’m sure other people do this but whatever lol. This week I did this twice and no one was the wiser.

On Wednesday I decided to try to wear my Every Which Milky Way dress (sold out) from Modcloth. I love this dress so much. It’s super cool and edgy with just a little nerdiness from the milky way pattern. This dress is one of the ones that doesn’t zip up yet so I added a black cardigan to hide my shame hahaha.

I added a necklace that looks like “space rocks” (well to me they do) and I tried to edge up the outfit more with these rocker boots that I bought ages ago from Suzy Shier.



I didn’t take a makeup picture because it was still dark outside and the lighting in my house sucks but I just did a thick wing with my Kat Von D Tattoo liner and wore my MAC Rebel lipstick and MAC currant liner.

Yesterday I decided to see if the dress I got from the recent Modcloth Stylish Surprise! would fit. With this round, I got a very gorgeous Emily and Fin Too Much Fun in Fuchsia Feathers and it already fits! Apparently these dresses run a little large. Anyway, I am now in love with this style of dress and I want a bunch of other Too Much Fun dresses lol. The fabric is lovely and it just made me feel beautiful and that’s important. This dress is the longer version of the Too Much Fun dresses but with heels, it still looks great on me. And the best part about this dress is that the original price was $109.99 and I got it for $20 with the stylish surprise! Oh and it has SUPER DEEP pockets!!!!! The dress is a lovely berry red colour and the feathers are ivory/cream so I wore my ivory Charter School Cardigan and nude heels.

For my makeup I went with my MAC D For Danger lipstick and Beet liner because it’s the same berry colour of the dress.


Right now there’s another long TMF dress on the Emily and Fin BST board that I want soooo bad but it’s $60 American and I don’t have the money right now. But it’s sooooo lovely and perfect for summer.


So depressing. lol

Anyway, last but not least, today I had ZERO idea what to wear. I had about 40 minutes to get ready and stared at my closet. I grabbed my Campfire Walk With Me dress (sold out) and tried it on. Surprise surprise it still doesn’t fit my chest but it zips to my waist so I decided to wear it. I grabbed my royal blue Charter School Cardigan and some old purple flats from Le Chateau. I felt like the outfit needed a statement piece of jewellery so I grabbed a purple necklace that I got from Avon ages ago that I rarely ever wear. This took all of 3 minutes to put together and I am pleased as punch with how it turned out.


Yes these shoes are a little old and battered but they are still cute.


For makeup I went with a nude/pinky lip and for my eyes shadow I mixed a yellowy gold colour from Smashbox with a dark blue colour from MAC (both mentioned in previous blogs).


I definitely feel like I was going for a modern 1950’s housewife with this look and I got a lot of compliments 🙂

So now I feel like a whole new world of dresses, I didn’t think I could wear yet, is open to me…literally with the zipper hahaha! So next week I’m going to try to wear MORE of my size medium dresses with the zipper open. STAY TUNED!





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