Modcloth BST Amazing Finds!

Holy crap I’ve been procrastinating with this blog lol. New/different outfits have been few and far between so there’s only going to be three outfits in this blog post. First, can I just say again how much I LOVE the Modcloth BST facebook page?! I have gotten so many amazing deals on both used and new dresses that I thought I would never find again. All three dresses in this blog are from the board.

First outfit is this amazing dress that I posted on the board as an ISO dress (in search of). A woman named Kim, told me she had a never worn one in my size but it was missing a zipper. I didn’t care because I knew my mom could put in a new zipper. So I got this dress for $20 bucks! Kim also runs another awesome clothing FB page called Between Friends Boutique, which sells liquidation clothes from Modcloth and also clothing with small defects. I forget the name of this dress but it’s so damn cute!

I love the little tie up!!! I paired the dress with navy tights and navy shoes from Modcloth . These aren’t the same shoes but they are VERY similar.

I felt like this outfit definitely called for straight hair and bangs. It really pulls the whole look together.


The next dress was a super awesome find! I have been wanting the Coach Tour Dress in Houndstooth since it came out but I couldn’t fathom spending $70 on this dress considering I bought the red one for $50 two years ago. As awesome as it is, it’s not worth $70. Luckily a girl was selling her used one for $20. YES! I could do 20. It’s a little faded and there is a button missing but it’s not like most people would notice anyway.

I wore my Dream of the Crop Cardigan, purple tights, and Vivacious Vibes Heels to complete the look.


I decided to switch up the hair and do a cute curled side ponytail. On my lips I wore my MAC Rebel lipstick and MAC currant liner.


Finally yesterday I wore a dress that I wasn’t 100% sure about when I got it. It’s a weird fit and it currently fits me everywhere except my chest. I have this same dress in navy in a smaller size and that one fits much better (when I’m thinner). I also wasn’t sure about how blue this dress is because it’s really in your face, but I was able to tone it down with a navy cardigan and tank underneath, since I can’t close the top two buttons. It got a really great response from the girls on the Modcloth BST page so I guess it’s a keeper!

I also wore a navy statement necklace and kept the lipstick minimal with my MAC Brave lipstick and Soar liner.


Oh, one final picture from Easter. I wore another lovely dress from the BST board with my kitty heels, but the real looker here is my son, wearing some skinny dark blue jeans, pink linen button down shirt, and a pink and navy bow tie! So adorbs.


Ok guys that’s it for me this week. Hopefully I won’t stay away for so long next time!


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