Bows, Cupcakes, and Star Wars

Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog. It has been more and more difficult to find the time to get them written. I’m finding right now it’s easier to just combine a bunch of outfits in one blog instead of making a bunch of small blogs.

At the beginning of last week I received another amazing little dress from the Modcloth BST page. It’s a cute little sleeveless dress with a peter pan collar and little black bows! It is so comfy and flowy 🙂 It’s from Modcloth but it must be old because I can’t find any stock photos. I wore it with one of my Charter school cardigans from Modcloth, black tights and black shoes. Peter pan collars always look good with bangs so BAM!

The main outfit of this blog though is my St. Patrick’s Day outfit! We had a wear green to work day as well as dessert table day so what better way to celebrate both themes then with a cupcake dress that has green in it!? This is another one of my Modcloth BST finds that I got for an amazing price. The dress is by Retrolicious and used to be sold on Modcloth.

This dress is so freaking adorable! I wore it with a green cardigan from Suzy Shier and my Dot off the Press heels from Modcloth that I bought just after I had Nolan and this was my first chance to wear them. I LOOOOOVE them! Actually I love this whole outfit. I felt very thin and pretty in it 🙂 And yes, I get that this dress is more of a Christmas dress but I don’t care!



The shoes did cut up my ankles a bit but that always happens when I start wearing spring/summer shoes. As you can see, my toe nails are a lovely mint colour but I don’t remember the kind of nail polish. I did my finger nails in an amazing jade colour from OPI’s Japan collection.


The outfit was a hit and got compliments throughout the day.

Another thing I got in the mail last week from the BST group is an amazing custom made Star Wars pin from Liz at Tawdry and Trinkets (search Tawdry and Trinkets for her facebook page or look below at the picture for the link). I got to pick the purple words and black background with the glitter of my choosing. It is a nice size and it looks awesome. I can’t wait to wear it!



Finally, I ended the week with a nautical style outfit for casual friday. Nothing major, just a shirt from Suzy Shier, a navy Charter School Cardigan and fabulous polka dot shoes from Modcloth, and some Bluenotes jeans.

And there ya go! One week’s worth of stuff in one blog! And it only took 3 days to write this thing lol.



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