From Librarian to Anime Character all in One Week!

This week I finally got to wear a few items that I’ve purchased over the last few months that were either on sale on Modcloth or purchased from the Modcloth BST board. On Monday I tried on the Saturday Sojourn Skirt in Plaid (sold out) that I bought on sale from Modcloth back in December, and I was happy to see that it fits! I had bought a different shirt to wear with it but it doesn’t fit me yet, so I decided to wear an old button down white shirt from le Chateau and a black wrap style sweater. I wasn’t sure if it would all work together but luckily it did. I definitely noticed that the skirt made me look a little larger than I am, which was one of the issues I had read about in the skirt reviews. It also was a little itchy around my legs. But it has pockets and looks so darn cute so I didn’t mind the puffiness or itchiness.

I pulled the look together with my Follow Your Sweetheart Heels in Sand (sold out) that I also bought on sale from Modcloth back in December. They are a little large so I need to get an insole but they are very comfortable and super cute. The little details give the shoes a bit of a western look, which is different than what I am used to, but I love them!


I also added some amber jewellery into the mix with earrings, bracelet, a ring, and this amazing necklace. All jewellery was purchased from Vivah when I used to work there.


I kept the makeup neutral with a brown eyeshadow pallette from Smashbox and Mac Twig Lipstick and Whirl Liner.


I call this look Trendy Librarian lol.

Now from Trendy Librarian to brightly coloured Anime character! I had been waiting to wear this outfit for my birthday and was also waiting for the whole outfit to come in the mail and I finally received the last missing piece on Tuesday. Because I knew I wasn’t going to be going out for my birthday this year, I decided to wear the whole outfit this Wednesday to work. I got the dress, sweater, and controller collar brooches from 3 different girls on the Modcloth BST list. The instant I got this cupcake sweater (originally from Modcloth) I knew that it would look super cute with this pink dress. And when I saw these controller brooches, I knew they would be perfect with this outfit as well.

I really loved how cute this outfit was and I received a lot of compliments but in all honesty, I didn’t feel pretty in this outfit whenever I looked in the mirror. I felt that I looked very fat in it and because of this, I felt silly wearing it. I don’t know if it’s because the sweater is a little too big on me or what but I felt like I looked super frumpy. I’m sure it’s all in my head though as I got more compliments on this outfit than I’ve had in a while.

Other than the cupcake sweater, the part of this outfit that got the most attention were my controller collar brooches.


I love these so much! I’m excited to get more! The girl I got these from is Virginia Decker. If you search her name on Facebook, you can ask her about what brooches she is selling at the moment and buy some for yourself! I also got a Pikachu pin from her and I’m going to be getting pizza slices and pianos from her soon as well, along with a fancier chain. The great thing about the chains is that they are removable so you can use them with any brooches you have!

With all the bright colours I wanted to wear a more basic shoe so I decided to wear these amazing nude Modcloth shoes that I bought about 2 years ago. They helped to “class” up the outfit a bit lol.


I kept the makeup very basic with just eyeliner, mascara, and MAC Brave lipstick and Soar liner.


FINALLY I’m going to end this blog entry with an AMAZING deal I got on The Classiest Place on Earth Dress last week.

I have been wanting this dress for a long time for a wedding I have in September, but I hadn’t purchased it for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s selling for $119.99 on Modcloth, which ends up being around $160 Canadian, and secondly I had anticipated that I would be pregnant again by the time this wedding happened and this dress would not fit if I was pregnant lol. It has been decided that getting pregnant this year is not going to happen so I was excited to possibly wear this dress, but I was NOT going to pay $160.00 for it because it’s not a dress I can wear all the time. This dress is made by Chi Chi London so I decided to look on their site to see if it was the same price. And what a surprise, it was ON SALE!!!! So from $119.99 American on Modcloth, it was $59.88 Canadian on the Chi Chi London site. WHHAAAATTTT?! and with only about $12 bucks shipping, this was a steal! You all need to check out that site because there are gorgeous dresses on sale all the time. I got it in the mail earlier this week and it’s even more beautiful in person. Amazing material and gorgeous colours. Now I just have to make sure I lose 28 pounds before September so I can fit into it lol. Only sad thing is that I bought this dress with the last of my dress sales funds and I’ve got none left 😦




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