Modcloth Pretties I Want!

OMG I want too many damn Modcloth things. I’m currently in the process of selling old clothes to buy new ones and saving small amounts of my pay (when I can spare it) to buy new items. I tend to buy dresses together with cardigans or shoes but sometimes I also just get dresses alone if I already have matching shoes. I have an order of what I want to get based on what’s available (some things I want are currently sold out). Since I love sharing the stuff I love, here’s the stuff I really want in the order of when I would want to get them (once I have the funds).


#2: (based on if the dress and sweater come back in stock)



#4: (based on if the dress and cardigan come back in stock)


#6 (Based on if dress comes back in stock)





And this is me today…wearing an old dress I bought many years ago that I still love. Oh and I was bored last week so I cut my bangs lol.

OMG and today’s new Modcloth stuff just popped up and look at these two new dresses! SWOON


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