I’ve been going through my closets and drawers over the last few weeks, looking for clothes that I no longer wear and stuff that has never been worn because it never fit me right or just never fit me at all. While doing this, I’ve noticed just how much my style has changed over the last couple of years…especially since having my son. I used to wear a lot more form fitting things and I bought large quantities of cheap and basic items just so I could have lots of clothes to choose from. Now I’m finding myself looking for more a-line dresses and staying away from stomach hugging things and I’m more interested in finding unique items that make me HAPPY and not just satisfied. Now I will spend $100 on one new dress that I really love VS 3 or 4 dresses that I just like, and I’m ok with that. For me, now it’s more about quality rather than quantity. I also don’t have the luxury of just going around buying random clothes all the time after having my son because funds are low. That’s one of the main reasons why I was going through my clothes so I can sell them and make money to buy new pretties. Through selling some of my stuff, I was able to acquire a very expensive unicorn dress of mine: the In the Key of Chic dress from Modcloth.


The dress has been sold out for quite a while and I thought I would never find it, but a girl on the Modcloth BST board saw that I was looking for it and she was willing to sell her never worn dress! I didn’t have money at the time and asked her if she’d mind holding it for me till I collected the funds and she amazingly agreed to it and about a month later I was able to get it. I’m so excited to wear it! This is the perfect example of saving a larger amount of money for just one dress vs a bunch of items but being so incredibly ok with it because this is an amazing piece that will make me happy every time I wear it :).

Now just because I’m ok with spending big bucks (when I can spare it) on an item I love, that doesn’t mean I’m still not scanning Modcloth and other places for deals! For instance, one of my outfits for this week included a Modcloth skirt that I’ve been wanting forever but didn’t want to spend $50 dollars on but when it went on sale for $34.99 I jumped on it! I’m glad I did because it sold out instantly having going on sale. It’s the Spinning Habits Skirt that I posted about a few blogs back. It is a gorgeous longer flowy skirt with a lovely pattern. 20160222_213158

I wore this skirt with a black and white striped shirt that I bought ages ago from Le Chateau and my Charter School Cardigan in Black. I didn’t like the way the sweater looked with it but my shorter ones were in the wash so I tied it at the front and it worked!

I felt so girly in this skirt :). I’ll definitely have to get it taken in once I lose weight because it will end up being huge eventually. I’m going to start learning how to sew so maybe I’ll be able to fix it myself by that time!


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