I Gotz A Unicornz!

When it comes to Modcloth dresses, I have quite a few dresses that I missed out on and now I’m looking for them. Recently I was able to acquire two of my Unicorns. One is still is on its way to me and one I got last Friday in the mail. The one I got on Friday is the Poise and Click dress from Modcloth!


I honestly didn’t think I’d ever find this dress so I was so happy when I saw it pop up on someone’s wardrobe purge on the Modcloth BST facebook page and I was the first person to comment about buying it. It’s a size large so I knew it would fit me currently and it can always be made smaller later. When I got it on Friday I tried it on right away and fell in love. It fit perfectly and looked amazing. I HAD to wear it to work that day, even though it was casual day lol. I wore it with my Dream of the Crop Cardigan in Black and Timeless Will Tell Wedges (sold out) both from Modcloth.

I already had my hair in a bun from the day before so I just kept that and wore my MAC Russian Red lipstick. I couldn’t decide which I liked better so I’m posting both smiles lol.

Seriously, is this not the cutest freakin dress ever?! I definitely want to have my hair down next time I wear it. I’m actually tempted to chop my bangs off tonight….we’ll see….


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