Stylish Surprise!


If you’ve been a Modcloth fan for years, like me, then you know about the Stylish Surprise. If not, then let me tell you! About twice a year, Modcloth does a Stylish Surprise promotion where customers can choose to get a surprise dress for $20, apparel for $15, shoes for $10 and home stuff as well (it always sells out before I can view it so I have no idea how much the home one is). So basically, you pay money for an item and you have no idea what it is until you get it. For years I’ve stayed away from it because I didn’t know if it was worth the risk but I decided to do it this year after joining the Modcloth BST list and hearing some reviews. I decided to buy the dress one (the dress you get can be worth up to $299.00) It took forever for it to come in the mail since Canada Post was backed up from the holidays so I kept watching the BST Stylish Surprise Pinterest page to see what dresses people were getting. I was getting excited because I was seeing all the pretty dresses. I started finding out more about what items modcloth uses for this promo. They pick things that they only have 1 or 2 left of in stock, so many times, the items have been onsale before disappearing. You rarely ever get a current stock item.

On Monday, I finally got my dress in the mail and was originally extremely happy when I opened up the package. At first I was happy because I saw that it was a lace dress and I’ve been wanting a lace dress. The dress I received was the Put on a Happy Lace Dress which was originally $79.99.

Then I got angry when I looked at it further. With all the amazing dresses people were getting, I pulled out a dress that resembled lingerie, more than actual clothing. It was completely see through!!!

I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I thought maybe my mother could make a better lining so something because the style of the dress is lovely, just the quality is crap, but the dress would maybe lose its shape with a thicker lining . On Wednesday morning, I decided to see if maybe I could figure something out. I knew that I certainly couldn’t wear this dress in the summertime in the sun because everything would show. I decided to see if wearing tights underneath and a cardigan over top could make this work.

When I first opened the package, the dress looked like it was navy and cream, but when I looked at the Modcloth description, it said it was black and cream. So I thought maybe the lighting in my house was off. I grabbed some black tights, my black Modcloth Charter School Cardigan, and my Modcloth Tea on the Train Heels in Black to complete the outfit. Voila! It actually worked! It didn’t look see through at all because the black tights just looked like it was part of the lining and the sweater hid the bra lines. It actually turned out to be a very chic looking outfit!

I decided to wear some black earrings from Le Chateau and a black and silver necklace from Suzy Shier for some added pizzazz.

Now here’s the funny part. The instant I walked outside into the sun, I noticed that I was right all along and the dress is actually navy and cream, not black and cream! Don’t know how Modcloth messed that up. Luckily it still looked ok but next time I wear this I’m going to do my navy Charter school cardigan instead and my navy tights with cream dots and navy heels. I think it might pull the outfit together a little better.

I kept makeup simple again with just black liquid liner and my MAC D For Danger lipstick and MAC Beet liner.


You know what sucks? My Kat Von D Tattoo Liner dried up completely after I did my makeup for this outfit. So now I have no liquid liner till I can afford to buy more. I’ve gotten so used to having a cat eye so it’s going to be interesting going without it for a while lol.

So my verdict for Stylish Surprise…I think it’s worth it. I saw all the amazing dresses people received and I would have been happy with 90% of them. And even though I was disappointed with what I got at first, it worked out in the end. I definitely think I’ll be doing it again when Modcloth does their next Stylish Surprise in the summer.


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