Hit the Road, Jack!

Waaaaay back in November I was looking for a hat like this:

I did not want to spend a load of money on something I wouldn’t wear that often so a few friends from work told me to check out AliExpress because they have super cheap stuff. The only thing I was warned about was that it takes FOREVER to ship because it’s all from China. I didn’t care because I don’t need the hat for the winter. Well I found a hat that looked like what I wanted on the site. I went with this one in the black:


Last week I really started getting worried because it was almost 2 months and I still didn’t have it. I was planning to wait another few days and then open up a dispute with AliExpress and then BAM! I got the hat in the mail on Monday…in a crumpled up box that was smaller than the hat. So the hat was of course crumpled too so I’ve been trying to flatten it out.

20160118_103948 (1).jpg

It’s a little big on my head but it comes with two little strings that you pull on to make it smaller.

20160118_104003 It looks cute on so far but it will look better once it’s not all crumpled.

2016-01-18 10.43.12

So my verdict on AliExpress: lots of cheap stuff and if the reviews are positive then you are good to go. The hat is exactly what I was looking for but I’m upset by how it was packed. But hey, for $13 bucks I can’t say too much. So if you don’t have an issue with waiting 2 months for your stuff, it’s a decent site.

Now onto another review. My last blog shows my un-bagging of my Folter Hit the Road dress from Retro Glam and I wore it on Monday! So yes the dress fits but JUST BARELY! It’s super tight in the bust but it still does fit. It will be better with at least a 10 pound weight loss. The material is light so it will be better in the summer time and I love the pockets but I wish they were a little deeper. So with the dress I decided to wear a red cardigan that I have no idea where I bought it from, navy tights and my Dynamic Debut Heels in Navy from Modcloth. Mine are sold out but these are pretty much the same ones, just slightly different (click on “these”).


I was silly and took some pictures out in the cold by my red car because my dress has red cars lol


Because the dress is so busy I kept the makeup simple with just black liquid liner and red lipstick.


I really love this quirky dress and I’m definitely finding myself wanting a lot more fun dresses, not just serious dresses. We’ll see what fun dress I get next!


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