Unicorns Do Exist!

…in the form of dresses, that is! I recently joined a Facebook page called Modcloth BST (Buy/Sell/Trade) and I saw girls talking about their “Unicorn” dresses. Basically these are dresses that sell out before you have a chance to buy them…and you REALLY want them. They are the unicorns you try to find everywhere. Here are some of my Modcloth Unicorns:

Right now I have found two of them and I’m just waiting to see if the owners are willing to sell! And sell at a cheap price because I don’t have much moola right now lol.

Ok enough about unicorns, time for the outfits this week…which have only been two by the way. I have been very lazy with my blogs this week because I guess I just feel like my blogs are getting boring. They are always the same and I don’t know if I should change the way I’m doing it. I’m running out of outfits because I STILL haven’t lost any weight since starting the blog, even though I’m trying very hard, and I’ve already worn all my makeup so I don’t have anything new to show there. I actually still do have to a Hair blog and I my January Birchbox review too actually so that’s something.

Anyway, on Monday I had an outfit that I had picked out the week before and didn’t have a chance to wear. I picked out an old basic black dress from Suzy Shier and added my Best Heart About It Cardigan from Modcloth. I love this cardigan because of the cute hearts. It’s not as comfortable as the Charter School ones but it’s still good. I decided to wear my over the knee Just Fab boots to complete the look.

I rarely ever wear gold jewellery but the cream colour of the sweater called for it so I wore a necklace I got from my mother and another necklace I got from my godfather when I was probably 16 or so.


For makeup I kept in simple in the eyes because I actually was in a rush to get to work so just liquid liner. The lipstick is my go-to Russian Red by MAC. I kept my hair up because I was called into work early and there was no time to wash it lol. I rarely wear my hair up unless I need to.


Today’s outfit is one of my favourite dresses I’ve ever purchased from Modcloth. It’s the Literary Luncheon Dress in berry and unfortunately it’s sold out. It’s so comfy and fits extremely well because it’s very stretchy. Even the stripes on top don’t make me look larger. It does scoop down fairly low so I wore my Cat Person Circle Scarf to cover up the cleavage at work lol.

I kept the eye makeup simple today and wore my Kat Von D Wolvesmouth lipstick.


So that’s it! I’m not sure there will be a blog tomorrow but I’ll try to get my birchbox review in this weekend if I’ve got the time.


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