Classy Thursday/Casual Friday

Soooooo first thing’s first…Modcloth is having a HUGE 70% sale!!! This is great for a lot of people, but not me because I am super broke. Anyway, here’s some stuff I wish I had the money to buy from the sale:

Most of these items are under $30 except for one. I will now shed a tear. 😦

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I actually had this week’s outfits planned, (all but today’s) and yesterday I got to wear one that I’ve been looking forward to wearing since I bought it as my “push present” to myself after Nolan was born lol. I’m so glad it actually fits me already! The Bask By Popular Demand dress is from Modcloth (sold out), as is the Bow My Way Cardigan (sold out). The dress is super soft and comfy and the cardigan is so darling with the bow on the top! I didn’t smile in the pictures below because my face was frozen from getting a cavity filled earlier in the day lol.



To add some colour to the outfit I wore my Spot of Spontaneity Tights in Cranberry and my fave burgundy heels from Call It Spring.

2016-01-07 14.14.50

I decided to wear some plain earrings and my burgundy glasses. No eyeshadow was worn, just liquid liner and my D For Danger MAC lipstick and MAC Beet liner.

For casual Friday today at work, I just threw together a few things and hoped they’d work lol. It started with jeans as usual and then I decided I wanted to wear my burgundy sweater from Suzy shier. Then I had to find a shirt to go with it. I went through about 5 shirts, trying them on and getting defeated every time they each didn’t fit. Finally I decided to look through my tank tops and grabbed this very loose/low cut/short length patterned black and white tank and wore a black longer one underneath. Luckily it actually worked together and looked good!

For makeup I decided to pull out my limited edition Smashbox Reign Shadow Palette in Majesty that I bought ages ago. The colours are a rose gold colour, a shimmery burgundy, and a black that has multicoloured shimmers. I sparsely used the black on the outside areas of the eye and mostly focused on the burgundy to match my sweater.


2016-01-08 15.32.39

I kept the lipstick neutral with my MAC Twig lipstick and MAC Whirl liner.


And now it’s the weekend so no fun outfits for the next two days, which means no new blogs so have a great weekend everyone and see you all next week!


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