I’m not feeling up to talking about my outfit today, even though it’s a pretty one, so I decided to write a blog about the fashion bloggers who inspired me to start my own. All of these bloggers are frequent outfit posters on Modcloth so that’s how I discovered them.

I want to start with the first fashion blog I started following. Her name is Lauren and she’s been blogging since she was a teenager (she’s 22 now). You can find her blog here. Lauren is adorable, gorgeous, insightful, and oh so fashionable! I love looking at her outfits and she has inspired me to try to be a little more adventurous with my clothes when it comes to putting things together that I wouldn’t have put together before. I very much get the feel of”taking a chance” with fashion when I read her blog.

Next up is Rachel Martino. What attracted me to her blog was her fashion sense as well as her beautiful photos! She lives in Brooklyn so the backdrops of her photos are always eye-catching and she’s absolutely stunning to look at. We share a very similar fashion sense and we also wear many of the same lipsticks! She also looks like she’d be a lot of fun to hang out with.

Another woman who shares a similar sense of style, but who also inspires me to layer and change things up a bit is Leandra Kapity. I really like her because she’s a mom who, like me, still wants to be fashionable and look fun and young. In her blog posts she usually focuses on one fashion piece and then shows how to create different outfits with that one item, which is such a great idea. One thing I really love about her outfits are the adorable purses! I have a few purses but I suck as changing them around because I feel like I carry too much stuff. But I love her cupcake purse and grapefruit purse. And the best part about her is that she is super talented as well and she makes a lot of her own jewellery and I think she’s made some purses too.

Those are basically my 3 that I usually look at. There are other fashion girls I follow on Instagram and other blogs as well but these girls were my inspiration for this blog.





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