Wishing the Cold Away

I’ve been spoiled by this damn warm weather we’ve had and now that it’s cold, my brain doesn’t know how/want to adapt lol. I’m still wearing skirts without boots and going outside in just Lululemon sweaters and not a winter coat during my casual days. It’s mostly because my arms and chest are still too large to fit into my winter coats and I certainly cant fit a coat over a lululemon sweater at this weight. But I also just don’t want to give into the cold. Winter will not take me lying down!

So I’m also a little behind on my blog outfits so this blog will showcase today’s outfit as well as Monday’s outfit.

It’s been a long time since I’ve actually had the time or patience to plan out a week’s worth of outfits but I did just that on Monday morning while Nolan was napping and I was putting away laundry. I decided to try on a few stretchy dresses that I haven’t worn yet since before the pregnancy to see how they fit and I was actually able to pull out three of them and then just figured out accessories to go along with them. For Monday’s outfit I chose my Spin Into Style Dress from Modcloth that I bought when I came back from my honeymoon a few years back. This dress is super stretchy which is great. I had originally bought it because of the unique straps but I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet without a sweater because of the weather.


I struggled like crazy to find a black sweater that looked good with this dress. One that would have looked great with it doesn’t fit yet and the Modcloth ones didn’t look right. I finally settled for one I bought at Suzy Shier that didn’t look horrible. I also wore a really cool necklace that I bought a few years back at the One of a Kind Show but I can’t remember the name of the designer. I also added a belt to bring out a different look to the dress. I also felt that my tummy pooched out without one. For shoes I wore my Vivacious Vibes Heels from Modcloth to complete the colour block look of the dress. I love these shoes because they are incredibly comfy. Unfortunately both the dress and shoes are sold out but Modcloth does have other similar style shoes.

I also got lucky and Nate was home to take some pictures of me.

I also was crazy and went outside for a picture. The hat was purchased at Le Chateau.

2016-01-04 13.58.37

My blue nail polish is from OPI and of course I forget what it’s called but it’s sold out anyway so the closest one to it is St. Mark’s the Spot.

2016-01-04 16.08.51

Today’s outfit is a little more fun. I’m teaching visual arts today so I decided to wear my Playful feeling Skirt in Arcade from Modcloth, or as I call it, my Pac Man skirt. I figured it may be a conversation starter and the kids would think I’m cool and be nice to me lol. I love this skirt because it’s super cute and different. Currently sizes S to 3X are available to buy. Last time I wore it I did a different look with a tucked in shirt but today I felt like looking more casual by adding a loose sweater into the mix and some low wedged shoes. These Timeless Will Tell Wedges from Modcloth are super cute and comfy but they are a pain to put on because the buckle is flimsy. They were only $23.99 though so they are worth it.  I also wore a long casual necklace from Le Chateau as well.

And once again I was able to get Nate to take some pictures.

For makeup I just did a basic cat eye and no shadow because the skirt is busy enough and for lipstick I wore my MAC Russian Red to match the red in the skirt.


I’m off first period so no reaction to my skirt yet but I’ll be shocked if no one says a word lol.

I’m really excited about tomorrow’s outfit. I’m hoping it looks as good on me as it looks in my head!


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