New Year, Same Ol’ Clothing Obsession

Back to work, Biscuiteers! And back to obsessing about clothes lol. Well, actually that never stopped but in the last week, I have been checking out some old sites I haven’t looked at in a while, as well as getting introduced to new sites. I always have stuff that I want from Modcloth or Pin Up Girl Clothing but here are 4 things I’ve found this week that I want to buy from other sites.

First is this awesome dress from Bernie Dexter. The style of dress is called Colette and it’s in their Atomic Vintage Festival print, which is so super cute. I found out about this webstore from a girl I follow on Instagram. The dresses are actually fairly expensive (this one is $156 American) so I doubt I’ll be able to get this dress anytime soon, if at all, but it’s soooo pretty, as are most of the dresses on the site.


Next it’s the Jukebox Swing Dress from Dress911. I have purchased from this store before so I do look at the site every now and again but I haven’t been on it in ages because I never see anything I like on it these days. They are a similar store to Modcloth and sell some of the same dresses but most of the stuff is not my style. Every once in a while I see something I like and get excited because this is a Canadian store, which means no exchange rate and cheap shipping. I love this pinup style dress because of the colour and pockets! It’s $99.95 which isn’t so horrible either.


Lastly, I saw these Comic Book leggings on a Facebook post today. They are from an online store called Online Legging Store. I know, so clever lol. At first I was very wary of the site and the product but I have read quite a lot of good reviews and it looks like the place is legit. I love comic book stuff and these are only $19.99 so this is the most likely thing I could get soon.


Lastly, are these glasses from Zenni Optical. I have been telling people about this site for years because you get amazing glasses at super cheap prices. All you need is your prescription information to order. The site also allows you to upload a photo of your face so you can virtually try on glasses. All of my glasses except for 2 pairs are from Zenni and they are just as good as my expensive store bought ones. These ones are different from any other ones I have because they are brown and are cat eye shaped. I usually stick to rectangle or oval shapes and I don’t have a brown/tortoiseshell pair. These are only $23.95!!!


Hopefully I’ve been able to introduce you to some cool new sites and maybe you’ll find some things you like as well 🙂



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