Clueless Inspiration

A few nights ago, the Handsome Biscuit (Nate) and I were relaxing with some chocolate and beer/wine when the movie, Clueless, started playing on Much Music. I absolutely adore that movie! I remember being in total awe of Cher’s entire wardrobe in that movie. She wore a lot of plaid and “school girl” looks that I’ve always loved. Today’s outfit is definitely inspired by Cher’s Clueless looks.

I started today’s outfit with a royal blue button down 3/4 legth sleeve shirt from Suzy Shier and a mini (not so mini on me) blue, grey, and white plaid skirt, also from Suzy Shier. Both were purchased about 6 years ago. To up the Cher factor, I added a black sweater from Le Chateau over top the shirt. This is a look I’ve been doing for years because it just looks awesome, whether with a sweater, vest, or dress. A button down always looks good underneath something with a collar or sleeves popping out.

Black tights and black boots were added to finish the look. I was very tempted to wear my over the knee boots to mimic the high socks Cher always wears in the movies but thought that might look too childish for work.

For makeup I went with a super smokey eye shadow look in Silver and Midnight from my Smashbox Double Exposure palette.  In this picture the midnight blue looks more like charcoal but it’s blue.

2015-12-29 05.41.58

With my eyes being so dark I just went with a light lipstick and chose my go-to nude shade of MAC Brave lipstick and Mac Soar liner.

2015-12-29 06.02.45

Please excuse the obvious exhaustion in my face. It’s 10:20am and I’m still not fully awake (this was taken at 6:15am).


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