You Better Work, Pig!

Ok ok, before people start wondering about the title, believe me, this blog is aptly named. Last night, some girlfriends and I went to The Works for dinner and as usual, I made a large piggy of myself. That’s not the reason for my title of this blog though. The reason is because of the delicious and ridiculous burger I ordered: the Gettin’ Piggy With It. This burger comes packed with delicious pigginess! A bacon & beef patty, Canadian bacon, cheddar, smoked bacon, bacon ketchup & crunchy onion strings. OMG it was awesome! I also had a Poutini Martini, which is Fresh cut fries, cheese curds, gravy & crispy breaded onion rings. I was stuffed and super sick but it was worth it!!! I would suggest to everyone that has a Works in their area to go! Other Burgers I’ve had there are Man CaveWar PigDead Ringer, and Notorious P.I.G.

Excuse the fuzziness of the picture below. A friend took it with her cell phone.


Because it was just a nice casual night out, I didn’t want to get fancy with my outfit. Plus I wanted to make sure my pants wouldn’t kill my stomach after my meal lol. But I still wanted to look nice because I rarely get the chance to go out with friends these days. I went with some Bluenotes skinny jeans and the rest of my outfit was from Modcloth. I wore my Polka-Dot Darling Top, (sold out) Charter School Cardigan in Black and my The List Goes Awe and On Heels (sold out). I also went with a lip tint instead of a full on lipstick because I knew my lips with get ruined but I still wanted my lips to show in the pictures. I wore Tarte’s Lipsurgence Lip Tint in Classy (dark berry), which looks to be sold out.


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