A Little Bit Country

My poor little baby biscuit is having such a horrible day today. He struggled to fall asleep last night and he was miserable while I was getting ready for work today. Usually he’s either napping or playing in his jumper while I get ready but today, his nap was earlier and his jumper wasn’t keeping him entertained. I moved him to his crib, then his playpen, then his excersaucer but nothing worked. He just cried after 10 minutes in each place. Finally the little butt calmed down when I sat with him in my lap. Poor little dude. Pretty sure it’s the teething and the fact that he now understands when I’m leaving for work and he doesn’t like that. We haven’t had a full day together in a week so I’m sure that’s getting to him. I’ll be happy when Wednesday evening comes around and I have the little guy all to myself until next Monday.

Luckily, during Nolan’s first nap, I decided to get a head start on getting ready by grabbing my outfit that I had planned in my head the night before. Good thing I did because the shirt I originally wanted to wear (a cute cream colour sleeveless blouse with a white peter pan collar and little cats on it) doesn’t fit my chest at all! I know it will when I lose the weight but it really looked like it was big enough :(. Anyway, I didn’t want to overhaul the entire outfit so I frantically looked for something to replace it. Luckily I found a shirt that could work with my vision: a canary yellow 3/4 sleeve button down shirt that I bought from Jacob Express almost 10 years ago when it still existed. The rest of the outfit consisted of my Charter School Cardigan in Navy, Justfab brown boots (featured previously), navy tights, and a old jean skirt from Bluenotes. I also threw on my navy chunky necklace from Avon that I featured on a previous blog.

After taking pictures I realized I look like a modern country girl with the jean skirt and boots! All I need is a cowboy hat! I’m liking this kinda country look. These boots just inspire that look 😉


For makeup I just did the usual stuff that I’ve already previewed here before but here’s a picture of my eye shadow. I showcased these colours in a previous blog.

2015-12-21 11.19.58



Oh and before I go, look at this adorable Yoda hat my co-worker, Shaylyn, got for my baby biscuit! The force will be strong with him!!!




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