Nothing Beats a Good Dress

Before I get started with the OOTD (outfit of the day) I want to talk about a new clothing website I was recently introduced to by another fashion blogger called ROMWE. It’s pretty hit and miss when it comes to the style of clothes I like but there are a few nice dresses and the prices are ridiculous! Right now there’s a huge sale going on and as a new customer you get an extra 55% off with your welcome email. I didn’t get a welcome email when I joined last night but then today I got an email offering me 65% off the two items I had left in my shopping cart. SCORE! So I got these two dresses for under 50 bucks Canadian!

I am sooooooooooo excited to get them! I just hope they are not crap since I’ve never bought stuff from this place before lol.

Onto today’s outfit! As my title today states, nothing beats a good dress! Anyone who knows me, knows I have a dress obsession. I have an entire closet just for dresses, so my go-to thing to wear at work is usually a dress. Today I looked into my closet for a dress that of course, would fit me right now, and I found another stretchy dress that I bought during my pregnancy. Funny enough, I purchased this Meet Me At The Punch Bowl Dress in Oceanside during last year’s Modcloth Black Friday sale for an amazing $29.99 (The actual price is $59.99 and it’s still available in a few sizes and it’s also available in a berry colour).


I just love the colour and style of this dress. The shape/style and material of this dress are extremely flattering for all body types. The deep v neck is definitely troublesome for larger breasts but you just need to add a fancy cami like I did and voila, it’s work appropriate! I paired it with a black cardigan and added some antiqued fashion jewellery for some much needed drama!

I scrounged around my tights and pantyhose looking for something patterned to wear and found these super cute black polkadot pantyhose. For shoes I chose one of my favourite pairs of heels from Modcloth that I recently purchased. They are gorgeous but they are incredibly painful. They are fine for sitting but it’s REALLY painful to walk in them. I think I’ll have to buy some insoles for them tonight.

At first, when I pulled this outfit together, I thought it was pretty boring. After I took these pictures I changed my mind. I really do love this outfit. Great dress and great shoes make all the difference.

For makeup I decided to go with my Cynthia Rowley blue liner and my MAC Girl About Town lipstick and MAC More To Love lip liner. I love a bold lip and fuchsia always pops when wearing darker colours.

2015-12-17 13.21.2420151217_152331

One more day till the weekend! So excited! Oh and Christmas is coming!!!!! This makes me happy 🙂

20151217_131939 (1)



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