April Showers Bring December Flowers

It’s December 16th and I was outside without a winter coat today! I am loving this mild weather we are having right now for many reasons. I don’t have to wear a winter coat which is awesome because none of them fit me right now anyway. I get to wear cute shoes. Also, I don’t have to bundle up my son when he goes outside or worry that his room is way too cold (it doesn’t hold the heat at all).

Other than the awesome weather today, I also had a very easy supply day supervising a Safe Talk Suicide Prevention workshop. I’ve supervised at least 8 of these sessions in the last few years so I’m certified in Safe Talk as well as the level above called ASIST. Safe Talk basically teaches students how to spot when someone is suicidal and how to be like a band aid to those people by letting them know that there is someone that is prepared to listen to them and get them to people that can help them. The people that can help them are people trained in ASIST. ASIST training teaches adults how to talk people down from suicidal thoughts and keep them safe. I really think that all teachers should have to take both courses because suicide in young people keeps growing, as it is with people in their 30’s as well. I’m glad that school boards are bringing this kind of training into the schools so that kids feel more comfortable talking about this issue and be more prepared to deal with it.

Ok onto today’s outfit! Along with the boots and hat I purchased on Black Friday, I also bought the Abiding Beauty Dress in Bouquets from Modcloth because it was on sale and I had saved some money to buy something from Modcloth that weekend. All sizes are still available to purchase. I got the dress in the mail yesterday and was pretty happy with the way it looked. I didn’t love the material but it was fine for the price. When I got home from work last night I decided to try it on to see if it already fit and it fit amazingly well because it’s so stretchy, so I’d say the dress the style does run a little large. Because it fit, I decided to wear it today. The shape of the dress is very flattering. Right now it fits me like an empire waist dress because of how large dem boobs are lol. But I know that when I lose the weight and it fits more at my natural waist, it will still look good because of the A-line bottom portion. I really liked the floral pattern of the dress but what really made the dress stand out for me was the super cute brown bow belt. Unfortunately, the belt is so poorly made! It’s one of those stupid belts with a little metal ball that goes into the belt holes. Who comes up with this crap thinking it’s a good idea?! That damn belt kept popping off me all day because the ball made the hole bigger as I moved around. I kept moving it between three different holes. Someone at work suggested I attach a Velcro thing to it. I think I might have to.

2015-12-16 08.47.32

Along with the dress I wore black tights and my Justfab cognac boots that I reviewed a few weeks ago.

For jewellery I wore a few amber pieces that I bought from Vivah when I worked there. Click here to find out more about amber.

My outdoors look included a jean jacket I bought from Old Navy a few years ago, a beige/brown Le Chateau pashmina scarf, and a crochet black hat from Suzy Shier.

For makeup I wore the same eye shadow that I wore yesterday (Smashbox Quad in Socialite) and my Twig lipstick and Whirl liner by MAC.

I really hope this weather continues so I can keep wearing cute outfits!


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