No Phony Abalone

Before I starting getting obsessed with clothes and makeup, I was obsessed with jewellery. That stems from working at Vivah Jewellery for 4 1/2 years and Panache Jewellery for a year and a half. Because of those jobs and the sweet discounts I got, I have a huge amount of sterling silver jewellery and an equal amount of fashion jewellery from when I worked at Le Chateau. Over the last few years I haven’t been taking advantage of all the jewellery I have but this blog is now inspiring me to start wearing all my different pieces again.

Today I decided to wear my Abalone shell jewellery to go with my Charter School Cardigan in Peacock from Modcloth. I went with one of my favourite pendants. It has a bit of a vintage feel to it which contrasts with the modern cuts of the ring and bracelet. All the pieces were purchased at Vivah. If you want to know more about Abalone and where is comes from, click here.

Today was definitely not one of those” let’s find out what fits” kind of days as I ended up getting an earlier shift at work and didn’t have time for that. I grabbed what I knew would fit. I went with a similar pencil skirt to the one I wore yesterday. Similar in that it was purchased at Le Chateau and it’s the exact same stretchy material. You can’t see it in the full outfit picture but the print is a black and grey chevron, so I took a picture of it as well. I also grabbed a black button down shirt with a ruffle detail at the front that I bought from Suzy Shier the last time I was at this weight. For my feet I decided to wear my awesome over-the-knee boots from Justfab. Nothing too great compared to yesterday’s outfit but it does the trick.


For makeup I wore my Russian Red lipstick and Redd liner from Mac that I’ve previously showcased in my previous blogs. For my eyes I decided to do some gold and brown because those colours go well with the colours in the Abalone shell. I used my Smashbox Quad in Socialite and used all 4 colours, though it only looks like I used 3.


2015-12-15 11.09.55


I normally don’t show my outdoor looks like my coats but today I decided to wear my favourite hat and I want to show it off here. I got this amazing hat at the winter One of a Kind Show about 4 years ago from the Ophelie Hats booth. I love Ophelie hats!!! Actually I love hats in general. I saw a really sweet hat kiosk at Mapleview Mall yesterday and I want all the hats!

Ok my dinner is almost over at work so I must be on my way. Hope you enjoyed today’s blog!



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