2 Cats in Glasses

Before I start with today’s blog, I would just like to say that my blog is for fun. It gives me something to do that involves things that I love. I’ve never claimed to be some fashion or beauty expert. I also want remind people that I am 5’1″ which means I’m very short. So when I made my post about “long” skirts, all those skirts ARE long on me. The ones in the pictures that were at the model’s knee, actually hit me between my knee and ankle. To me, that’s a long skirt, not matter what someone else’s definition of long is. To me, a midi-skirt IS a long skirt. Obviously if you are tall, some of those skirts will not be long on you, but they are on me. It’s the same as if a tall girl posted about mini skirts. I know they would not by mini on me. They would be just above the knee and work appropriate. So please remember that we are all different shapes and sizes and what’s short, long, small, big, light, and dark on me, may not be the same for you, and vice versa.

Ok enough of the serious shizz. Today I decided to be a little more fun with my work look by throwing together some stuff I haven’t worn in ages and that I’ve never worn together before. I saw some cat shirts online last night and remembered my awesome pink cat sweater I bought from Modcloth a couple of years ago. I remember when I got it, my husband said that the cat looked creepy because of the glasses. We jokingly argued about it because I thought it was cute. In the end, I don’t think he hates it as much anymore lol.

2015-12-14 16.32.23

Because it’s such a silly shirt, I wanted to contrast it with a more professional looking ensemble. I decided to go with a white collared shirt and I originally was going to go with a grey pencil skirt. I started going through my skirts searching for the grey one that I bought the last time I was this weight and I could not find it anywhere! I started to panic because my vision for this outfit needed a pencil skirt and that was the only one I knew of that fit me. That is, until I saw my houndstooth pencil skirt that I bought from Le Chateau and remembered that is it super stretchy. I thought to myself: would a houndstooth skirt go with this already busy sweater? Why the hell not?! So my outfit was set with the addition of some black tights and some dark pink/purple heels that match my sweater.

I decided to wear a mother of pearl ring I bought while I was in Portugal 5 years ago and last night I got my nails into the Christmas spirit with OPI Green-wich Village on most of my nails and OPI The Thrill of Brazil on my ring fingers.

For makeup I used my Smashbox eye trio in Vignette with my usual Kat Von D liquid liner. For lipstick I used MAC Rebel lipstick and MAC Currant lip liner.

2015-12-14 13.34.192015-12-14 15.05.16

Of course I also had to wear glasses to match the cat lol. I have to say, this is definitely one of my most favourite outfits I’ve ever put together! It’s a reminder to just be me and have fun with fashion.





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