I’m Blue da ba dee da ba die

It’s casual Friday! Time for blue jeans and blue eye shadow! Yes, BLUE eye shadow. I know what some of you are thinking…isn’t blue totally 80’s?! Isn’t blue for blondes?! NO! If you use the right shade of blue and mix it with a light neutral colour like taupe or gold, then you’re good, no matter what your hair colour or skin colour is. That’s really the only reason I am doing this blog today because my outfit is pretty boring but my eye makeup is on point ūüėČ

I basically worked my outfit around my eye makeup today and went with a blue/navy/white striped top I got about 4 years ago from Suzy Shier and a grey sweater and paired the outfit with some brown knee high boots.

I took the opportunity to finally wear this awesome navy necklace I got from Avon a few years back as well. I have very few outfits I can wear this with.

2015-12-11 13.31.33.jpg

Onto the makeup! A few months back I went through a massive overhaul of my makeup bag and threw up a load of old stuff and makeup that just doesn’t work for me anymore and came across a gorgeous blue MAC eye shadow called Blue Flame. They don’t sell it anymore but they sell a VERY similar one called Deep Truth. It’s a dark, yet vibrant, shimmery blue. I don’t remember when or where I bought it and didn’t know when I would ever wear it but I decided to keep it because I figured one day I would find a way to wear it. ¬†Today was that day. I started thinking about how to wear it and thought about combining a shimmery beige shadow by Smashbox¬†that I got with a boxed set collection a while back. I’m a huge fan of Smashbox eye shadows because they come in packages of 3 colours and they last a long time. They actually have an amazing holiday set on sale right now for $69 that I want to buy that has 8 of the eye shadow trios and 3 blushes. Usually the eye shadow trios are $36 just for 1!!! Go to Smashbox Holiday Eye Shadow Set¬†to purchase this great deal.¬†I used the beige colour all over my lid and used the blue on the outer corners of my lid as well as a good chunk of the crease. I’ll have to do a tutorial one day soon. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to do tutorials yet but I haven’t had much time. I also went with blue liquid liner, instead of my usual black, from Cynthia Rowley¬†that I got from my September Birchbox subscription. It’s a beautiful colour and great formulation. Then I finished the look off with mascara.

20151211_1225172015-12-11 14.00.51

For my lips I decided to keep it simple because of the dramatic eye makeup and went with Twig lipstick by MAC and Whirl lipliner by MAC. Both are a brownish pink colour that is a little more brown than my Brave/Soar combo which is more pink. Dont mind the windy hair below lol.

20151211_1226362015-12-11 13.32.01



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