Pretty in Pink…and Green and White

Today started off pretty awesome. I went on the scale and BAM, I’m at 159 pounds, finally! This means I only have 29 pounds to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. 159 has been my first big goal since I had my Baby Biscuits, Nolan, since 160 was the largest weight I had ever been in my adult life before I got pregnant. So I’m no longer at a post-pregnancy weight. I’m just at, what I call, my heavier weight, which means more clothes will continue fitting me better now that I’m finally under it. YAY!

Anyway, onto today’s outfit. Friday is usually my casual day at work but I still like to look cute so I like to pair jeans with a nice top and shoes. I decided to wear this gorgeous green Peter Pan collared top that I bought from Suzy Shier the last time I was this weight. I love it because it’s flowy and cute and the flowers on it look like my favourite flowers, cherry blossoms.


I was originally going to pair it with a dark green sweater but I decided it was too much green so I paired it with my Charter School Cardigan in Rose from Modcloth because the pink matches the flowers on the shirt (currently it’s onsale for $27.99 vs $39.99). I absolutely love the Charter School Cardigans. I have 6 colours and if I had the money I would buy all of them. They are best cardigans I have ever owned. They are so soft and stretchy.

And now the most exciting part of my outfit…the shoes!!!! I bought these shoes from Modcloth when I was pregnant and hadn’t worn them yet. The outfit I bought them specifically for doesn’t fit me yet and I hadn’t found an outfit to wear them with till today. They are so beautiful (sorry they are sold out) but they HURT!!! It’s a high steep heal but they are so worth it. Especially since I’m just sitting all day at work. Hopefully once I break them in, they won’t hurt so much.

I haven’t changed my earrings since before I was pregnant and this blog is giving me an excuse to start again so I grabbed a pair of earrings I bought from Avon a few years back. I wanted something dangly but nothing too crazy because my hair is up today.

2015-12-04 14.01.37

For my lipstick today I went with one of Kylie Jenner’s fave combos. The lipstick is MAC Brave and the liner is MAC Soar. The funny thing is that I accidentally over-lined my top lip way more than I normally do, which is such a Kylie Jenner thing to do but luckily it doesn’t look too bad so I just stuck with it. I love this colour on my lips because it’s a nice nude pink and it matches with almost every outfit.

20151204_185038 (1)



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