I’m Your Brown Boots Girl

This is my first review on this blog and it’s for a pair of brown boots I got from Justfab. The style I ordered is called Isidore and the boots are a beautiful brown/cognac colour.


Before I continue talking about the boot, I want to explain what Justfab is for those of you who are not really sure how it works. So Justfab.ca is a website that mainly sells shoes but also sells clothing and accessories. In order to purchase from the site, you need to sign up with them. Once you sign up, you MUST provide your credit card info. Here’s where it gets unappealing for some people: once you have signed up and you’ve made your first purchase, you become a VIP member. At this point, Justfab will charge your credit card 39.95 every month and you have to buy something on the website that costs at least that amount. (Most things are $39.99). BUT here’s the thing, at the beginning of every month, you have the choice to SKIP THE MONTH and nothing gets charged to your credit card. You just have to remember to do it within the first 4 days of the month, which is easy because on the 1st of every month, Justfab sends you a reminder email. Easy peasy lemon squeasy. The purchase usually comes in the mail within a week. With some purchases you actually get free one year subscriptions to magazines. With this purchase I got a free one year subscription to Elle Canada.

Ok, onto the review. I had been looking at these shoes for a while but they were $42.95 and I didn’t want to spend that amount on brown boots that I would hardly wear because I don’t wear much brown. On Black Friday last week, they went down to $19.95 so I jumped on them! I bought my usual size but opted to purchase the wide calf version as I wanted to be able to wear them with jeans. When I opened the box today I LOVED the look of the boots. They looked gorgeous.

How they fit though, is another story. There is no way in hell these are a true wide calf boot. The actual foot is true to size but the calf part is way too small to be considered wide. If I had purchased the regular calf I would have had to return them. They zip up but it’s a struggle to get the zipper up over naked legs, which means I absolutely cannot wear these over jeans. I will only be able to wear them over leggings or tights, or under pants.

This is definitely disappointing and I reviewed them boots on the Justfab site as well. Because the shoes look so gorgeous and do fit well everywhere else, I’m still going to keep them. They will go really well with a couple of outfits I have.



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