A Splash of Red

What a day! My son woke me up at 5am this morning and was quite cranky unless he was eating or sleeping lol. Luckily he slept during most of the time I needed to get ready for work.

I’m getting to the point in my wardrobe where I’ve gone through almost all the items that currently fit me so getting dressed for work is not much fun. I’m someone who likes to go through all my stuff before going back and re-wearing things so I’m trying to find every possible item of clothing that fits. I looked through my dress closet looking for dresses that would fit. I found a few but nothing I felt like wearing today. Finally my eyes gazed over my Soda Fountain Dress in Cola from Modcloth that I haven’t had the chance to wear yet. (TIP: it’s 30% off right now at $41.99 vs $59.99 if you want it.) It’s a fantastic dress. Like I said above, I also have it in green with white polka dots, I wore it for my engagement pictures. Its just a classic well made dress.


I remembered that I had purchased it in a size Large because the description mentioned that it runs small and to size up, yet when I got it in the mail, I noticed that it was larger than the size Medium I have of the same dress in green. I pulled it off the hanger and it definitely looked like it would fit around my waist and back but it was obvious that I would not be able to do up the buttons at the chest as I’m still breastfeeding and much larger on top than normal. Luckily all I needed was a black cami underneath and the dress actually zipped up! What a relief!!! I paired the dress with some black tights and heels from Spring Shoes that I got during a wicked sale a few months back, but I also needed a sweater to cover up my arms. I didn’t want to do more black so I grabbed a red Suzy Shier sweater to give the outfit some more pop!

2015-12-03 11.55.51



I also threw on a mother of pearl pendant and SS chain and one of my favourite rings. Both were purchased when I worked at Vivah Jewellery many moons ago.

Continuing with the red theme I decided to wear the same lipstick I wore on my wedding day: Russian Red lipstick by MAC and Redd lip liner by MAC. It’s definitely my go-to red colour.


Then off to work I went!






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