A Little Over the Knee

This is my first post and I just wanted to have something to get this blog started so it’s not going to be as in depth as other posts.

Today I was working a short shift at work so I didn’t want to wear anything too awesome lol. I like to save more fun and intricate outfits for full work days. I threw together a bunch of old stuff that always works when I’m in a pinch for an outfit. The dress is a few years old from Suzy Shier. I love this dress because it’s loose, which is great for covering the lumps and bumps that I still have 6 1/2 month post pregnancy. With this dress I always wear a scarf as there is something about it that just begs for something more on top and for some reason, a necklace never seems to be enough. I don’t remember where I bought this scarf but it’s one of my favourites. I remember the first time I wore it was at a Coldplay concert and I thought I was so cool wearing it in the summer with a tank top lol. The real star of the show here though are the boots I got from Justfab a few months ago. I had been looking for some plain over the knee boots for many years but never found the right style. I found these and was so happy! I feel very powerful and sexy in them and this was the perfect outfit to wear them with because I wanted them to stand out.

With the makeup, I decided to go for a dramatic look because the outfit was fairly plain. I had a great close up of the makeup that I posted to my Instagram but I stupidly deleted it. I wear the same basic stuff everyday as my base and I will go into that further in another post with names and pictures but for now I will just stick with talking about what is noticeable in this picture which is the lipstick. Almost all of my lipsticks and liners are by MAC. This lipstick is Rebel, which is described as a satin midtonal cream plum. I lined my lips with Currant which is an intense reddish-purple. Currant is much darker than Rebel but I love that it gives off an ombre effect on the lips that I will eventually show off in another post.

2015-12-01 14.42.24


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